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Friday, April 7, 2017

So Funny!

This is so funny! Go HERE.  I think exbf would not take this so well. Who would you show this trick?

I forgot where I saw this. I will give you credit if you tell me. Okay, I forgot I linked directly to her blog. No wonder I did not post where it was originally.

To whom will you show this?


  1. Maybe I am a stick in the mud, but I don't find it funny at all. In fact, I find pranks obnoxious. I would never pull one, and I don't allow them in my home.

    1. I am picky about pranks, but this one is funny to me. My son learned not to play pranks as a child when his basketball coach used two orthopedic crutches. It seems he was in the Navy and someone removed his ladder as a prank/practical joke. The young man assumed the ladder was there and fell to the bottom several bunks to the floor below. He was crippled with spinal injuries and could barely walk with the orthopedic crutches. But, the water bottle not in public and where it did not ruin things was funny to me. I suppose the woman knew how her husband would take it.

      Yes, I don't like pranks in general. You are right with children to ban them as children don't know limits.

      Well, maybe someone else thinks it is as funny as I do.

  2. Pretty sure my dh would dump the remainder water on me if I ever did something like that to him!

  3. That's what I think exbf would do to me.


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