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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Free Lunch and Third Time Is the Charm, I hope

Tuesday, J and I went to the free lunch at a church. We had hamburger steaks (ground beef in patties),  with gravy, more gravy ladled over the top, green beans, baked potato, buttered and heated bread. There was shredded cheese, butter, and sour cream to add to the potato if we liked. It was all great, but I should never eat beef. Yes, I am suffering.

It was delicious. The only hitch was the sugar in my "unsweetened" tea! It gags me. So, I had water. But, since I like water with a meal, it was fine. There were two cookies in a sandwich bag for dessert. I managed to snag home made ones. There was a huge bowl of all sorts of apples and oranges. I took a Granny Smith and ate it that night. Great little outing.

Last week, I forgot to go to a free lunch at a demonstration. I must watch and make notes more closely.

I did not get leftovers for Dominique since the beef made me ill and I had to leave. Next time.

Remember the seeds that germinated and grew about 7+ inches at J's house? Well, she was proud of their fantastic growth and then disappointed when they were leggy. So, I had her redo them in more seed pellets and sandwich bags. She kept them at house where she is staying.

She was busy and not home; I worried. I told her to bring the seeds to the car when I came by. She did, so proud once again. Nope, leggy--more than 4 inches high and lying down.

Since she was very confident in her planting ability and remembered how to use a toothpick and raise the cloth on the pellet and how to use same toothpick to gently bury the seeds the second time, I will replant cucumber seeds to germinate the third time. I will keep them this time since she does not know how high they should be or what are actually leaves.  Plus, she forgets to look at them.

The seed packet said 10-14 days to germinate. Anywhere from 2--6 days is the longest I have ever had to wait. Of course, it takes another 2--4 days for them to be ready to transplant. Of course, I will watch the plants to determine the right time to transplant.

She said she forgot to look at the seeds in the sandwich bag, but she must put things where 5 cats will not get them, so they are out of her sight, too.  When it is time to transplant them, I will call her to come here and show her how.

I have let things get leggy all on my on, so this is not too bad if the third time is the charm.

Your turn
Will you promise to knock beef out of my hand if you ever see me trying to eat it? Have you ever let germinating seeds get leggy?


  1. What a shame that food can be so bad for you and taste so good. I gave up steak long ago because it made me sick after I ate, almost flu like. But meat loaf, meatballs, etc are favorites. I envy vegans but cannot do it myself.
    Seeds do not do well for me. They do fine up to a point but then my own inattention does them in. You can get so many more varieties in seeds, particularly vegetables. I can remember my brother asking family members to save waxy milk cartons for his tomatoes. He grew about ten different varieties. I will stick to farmers markets.

    1. carol,
      Try getting ground pork and using that for all you mentioned. I am not supposed to eat pork, but a little has never made me ill.
      You are so right about inattention. I had forgotten about using the milk cartons. Now that I have at least one each week, I can use those for some things. Since I use two bottles of vinegar each week, I have those, too. Thanks for reminding me of the milk cartons.

  2. Yes, I will knock the beef out of your hand if I ever see you trying to eat it. Then I will ask you to tell me how you feel when you eat beef. I will say "It is so not worth it!", give you a hug and ask how your chickens are garden doing. LOL

    1. tana50,
      Thanks! Today, J said former friends of her host had left a 10 lb box of hamburger patties and she was going to cook about 5 lbs of them on the grill. I was excited and asked her if she would cook two for me. She said, "You know what beef does to you!" I demurred and asked for two hotdogs when they cooked those. I did give her six potatoes and two squash and a cucumber for her dinner, so I am not just a beggar.

  3. I prefer chicken. Yes I have overgrown plants you really have to watch and transplant them.

    1. Vicki,
      For years I would say 99 meals out of 100 are chicken. Now that I am allergic to beef, it seems it comes around me all the time. Yes, I do prefer chicken.

      I will watch these and not depend on her.


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