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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Long Day--Monday and Boring Report

Last night, for various reasons I did not sleep well. First, I stayed up too long looking at the weather stations and reading on internet. Plus, I finally got all the carrots and potatoes cooked. Then, I put a soup mix, put togrther by some kids, in the crockpot with the little bag of seasoning they provided.

I turned off the ac because it was sort of chilly. Then, I became too hot. So, I turned on the ac. Then, my feet were cold. Plus, the whole time it felt like something was crawling in my ear. Earwax? It was so distracting it kept me awake.

When I have something to do early in the morning, the stress also keeps me from sleeping. Exbf was coming and picking me up at 9:30. I finally got to sleep at about 7:30 after turning off the alarm. He woke me by calling so I could come out to the car. I told him to come inside, sit in the chair and read a book until I awoke. Poor guy. I awoke at 12:30 and rushed to wash hair.

When I awoke, he was asleep in the chair with a fuzzy pale pink blanket covering his whole body, even feet. One of small girly print throws was on his head and wrapped around his face. He looked so funny. He was so good to let me sleep. It made a difference in my day. Oh, I had moved the blanket, throw, and book next to his chair so he would be all set. I am so Really, he gets cold much more easily than I do, plus he could not have moved about to get things.

This hair washing was an exception--I started blow drying as soon as I squeezed my hair out. I bathed and stumbled into clothing. J wanted me to take her to get cigarettes. I had plans today and did practically nothing. I had J pump his gas when we stopped for her cigarettes. I owed her money for mowing the yard, so she could afford cigs.

Plan--exbf and I were going to eat at KFC, using my 1/2 Birthday Card.  Buy one two-piece meal and get the other free. So, for $6.75 we had lunch and I did not have to do anything. We took J back home first.

When I went to Publix to get my a2milk, they were out of the whole milk. I just got the 2%. They have little cups for samples of soup. I spilled mine all over the cart and floor. A guy had gotten me a free water, I spilled it all over the cart and floor. One guy had to clean up after me embarrassing.

When we pulled up to house, it was 3 pm. I suggested he sit in car while I brought him a pint of soup to take home for dinner, along with 3 lbs. of cooked carrots and the one lone potato. He waited while I brought all to him and was out of here by 4 pm. Yay for both of us. Neither of us was hungry. I will freeze the rest of the soup for three more meals, at least.

As I pulled out the 3 lbs of carrots in the gallon bag to show him, he said wistfully, " I really like these fresh carrots so much better than canned carrots." Poor guy! Since it was sort of cool today, I thought bean soup would be appropriate. He also took home 8 cooked chicken legs. He is set.

Dominique had KFC chicken and a whole small container of slaw. And, she gave me one egg. Despite everything not going as planned, it was a wonderful Monday.

Your turn
Do you ever have trouble sleeping when you know you have something the next morning? I was not this way when I went to school and/or worked.


  1. I wake continually when I have something to do early the next day.

    1. Anne,
      That makes me dread doing what I have to do because I know I will be tired and not get the pleasure I should from the activity. UGH!


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