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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday Lunch

Tuesday, I went to the Tuesday lunch. I didn't get enough sleep but got ready and went there without having had my usual glass of milk and banana. I may be out of bananas, but I thought I had two.

Usually, I go early so I can get a close parking place. That leaves me sitting at a table full of desserts, one at each place. Everyone who comes there goes around and swaps out desserts to get their favorite. My motto: "Life is short; eat dessert first." I usually do! The chocolate cake was calling my name, but today I ignored it. Through the wait, I also ignored the headache and had a glass of water.

When I heard what was for lunch, I was happy, but I should not have eaten one bite. The chicken nuggets were breaded; the green beans had ham in them; squash casserole had cheese; roll looked delicious. I ate the chicken nuggets and tried to scrape off the breading. I left the ham on the plate. There was no cheese on my portion of the squash casserole! I mindlessly ate the miniscule roll. There was one bite left when I realized I was eating it. There was one thick, glorious slice of tomato... yum.

A guy asked me how many hens I had now and how many eggs I got. Dominique is not laying again. I told him she was going to freezer camp. The whole table roared and repeated it to each other.

Dominique was so happy with the leftovers from several plates.

I finally picked several grape leaves, one for the pickles I made. I think I will make pickles for the Fair. I need to look to see if there are any grapes on the vines sprawled all over. A handful of scuppernongs would be great.

A young man with brain damage finally talked to me today after I frightened him several months ago. I had pie at my place and was standing, talking. He had the saucer and was removing it to take to his table. I did not realize he had brain damage and said, "EH, EH, EH. Put it down! It's mine." I was only kidding by sounding so harsh, so my faux pas embarrassed me when he turned white and I realized he had a problem. Since then, I have made it a point to say, "Hello." Today, he approached me and made small talk. I guess he observed me for a few months and decided I was not too scary. We all protect our chosen dessert and tell people we chose that dessert, so go get their own.

I voted for mayor and city council today. When I went to the place where I always vote, half a block from my house, I was not on their roll. When I got to the courthouse where I am now assigned to vote, it was difficult for me to walk so far again. Usually, voting is joining the lines with a marker. Today, I had to bubble in with a pen. Done! And, I proudly wear the "I Voted" sticker.

Even though I went to two polling locations and to lunch, I was never more than four blocks from my house.

Even though I can vote by absentee ballot, there is something about going to the polls that I would miss. Granted, I have never had more than ten people in front of me. If I had to wait in the lines I sometimes see on TV, I would be voting by absentee ballot.

I am going to call my gastroenterologist because my intestines are not right yet. I spent a long time in the bathroom after lunch, the kind of session that leaves a person weak. A nap was in order even though I had plans to go back out and get chores done in town. Needless to say, I was hungry once again before I lay down.

Tomorrow, I have so many things to do that I need to make a list. Most of the chores are here at home and some are phone calls.

Since I ate lunch, my ear hurts a bit, and I am itching. So, I ate something I should not...sigh.

Your turn
Did anyone else vote today? Do you vote by absentee ballot? Do you like the experience of going to vote?


  1. Wife and I do early voting - so we voted today, actual primary is on the 30th. Vote every time, it's our duty as Americans.

    1. Tom,
      Great! We now have a new mayor. Yes, I agree it is our duty. I was voter 229 at my box and beat. I have not heard how the turnout was, probably low.

  2. My entire state now votes by mail. I love it! I sent in my ballot over a week before they were due. I love being able to take all the time I want. I usually read the voter's pamphlet while I am voting. I never did enjoy going to vote, but I had a friend who loved it. She said she always saw someone she knew and stopped for a chat.
    Stay on your diet. Soon the doctor might let you to start adding more on, but he can't do that until you stick to it by the letter. Good luck! I am pulling for you.

    1. tana50,
      Hmmm, I never heard a whole state votes by mail! I was recounting to exbf who all I knew that worked the polls at both places. One of those people lives 3 blocks from me and was a nurse in my doctor's office, yet we only see each other at the polls because she works there.

      I dislike voting when I get there and there is an issue I should have studied. That frustrates me.

      I just this minute received a call from the doctor's nurse. She listened to my tale of lunch on Tuesday. She said, "You are complicated. It's very hard to go out to eat." Before, I could not get an appointment until Feb. Now, I have an appointment inside three weeks. Thank you.

  3. Dominique may not be laying due to the heat. Mine always slow way down when it gets hot like this but pick up later as it cools a little. She's not real old is she?

  4. edifice rex,
    She was born in the spring of 2015. I think I got her in August. She quit laying two weeks later in September. She did not lay until February 2016 and quit laying in July of 2016. She is a Dominique. My RIRs laid year round! In December and January, they only laid about three eggs each in a week. I am sort of sick of this. Yes, I thought the heat was the problem as she was panting and letting her wings hang. But, even with the cool snap (high 80s)nothing.

    I need new hens. I don't mind if they are pullets. I can raise them and am willing to feed them all winter.

    No, she is not really old at all unless the woman lied to me. She was a full grown chicken at five months. HUGE. I paid $25 for her and $25, I think, for a runt of the bunch who turned out to be a rooster.


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