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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Lone Cucumber Becomes Refrigerator Pickles

Three tomatoes and a cucumber came my way. I ate one of the tomatoes grown in a local field. It tasted like a supermarket tomato in the winter. It won't be so exciting slicing the other two, knowing there will be no fresh tomato sweetness and summer freshness.

On to the cucumber. I sliced it into a pint jar, added strips of bell pepper and slices of yellow squash, added a clove of garlic, and red pepper flakes, dash of salt. Then, I almost covered it with vinegar and filled it with water to cover the cucumber.  There is no way I will eat these, but they will last until exbf gets here to enjoy them. (Actually, I cannot eat vinegar--doctor's orders.) He won't eat them in one sitting, so they will probably be around for a month or more.

On a whim, I used some of the vinegar to "wash out" a small jar of sweet pickle relish. That vinegar was part of the vinegar used in the refrigerator pickles. Plus, there is a half jar of pimiento that I won't use because I cannot put it in cheese or chicken a la king.

When you slice the cucumbers for pickles, make sure you trim off about a quarter of an inch on the blossom end. In the blossom end is an enzyme that makes the pickles soft to eat. If you leave it in the cucumber, the pickles won't be crisp. I forgot where I read this, but I will always do this and put a grape leaf in the jar. Maybe I will put a Vidalia onion, sliced in with this.

Tomorrow, I will get a grape leaf from my grape vine and put it into the jar. It is supposed to keep the pickles crisp.

Using this "recipe" or method, veggies I cannot or won't eat are saved. Plus, I can add other vegetables as I get them. I have never canned pickles, but I have done this for about 40 years with some variations.

He may take them home if he wants. Otherwise, they will live in my refrigerator.

Today, I feel so wobbly and weak and feeble minded! Plus, I have a headache. I ran the electric cart into too many things and almost hit people in Walmart. Thankfully, I kept the car under better control. I am still famished and shaky.

Your turn
Do you ever just put stuff in a jar with vinegar and other stuff and call it pickles?


  1. I've been reading through your posts about your diet dilemmas. Bummer! This is going to take a lot of adjustment time on your part! I am not sure what you can and can't eat because you have so many restrictions, but you might want to look at some paleo recipes. (Exclusive of the mammal ones which you might be able to substitute poultry for) Since by nature they use no grains or dairy it might be a starting point for something you can eat, and you can add rice to boost the recipe. I am not sure about sprouts there but mine has both brown and white rice (bulk bin) for 50 cents a pound through tomorrow. Oh and as a thickener for sauces and such (like chicken a'la king) arrowroot works pretty well.

    1. Anne,
      Thanks for the tips. I am considering all these ideas. Brown rice to sprout? Where? My friend might be able to get it for me.

    2. Sorry forgot to hit the cap key. I meant Sprouts the grocery store

    3. Anne,
      Okay, there is a Sprouts near me, well, in Madison. I guess I missed that sale.

  2. I haven't made freezer pickles in a while. I should probably hurry since I won't be getting good cukes for much longer. And thank you for the crisp tip!!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I had never heard either of those tips myself until a few days ago. Two Men and a Little Farm may have included the grape leaf tip. Not sure. We just both were making these at the same time.

  3. I suspect that your headaches and shakiness relate to withdrawal from food stuffs and types. Check with your doctor, but if I am right, this unpleasantness WILL go away. Good luck.

    1. EC,
      I suspect so, too. But, in the meantime, it's awful. Now, I sort of quit eating and looking for relief. Thanks.


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