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Friday, August 12, 2016

Farmer's Market Breakfast

When I got up Thursday morning about 8:30, I did not eat until 11 am.  These are the best peaches, so I had one for breakfast. One of the cooked potatoes, microwaved, with Greek yogurt was next. Then, I broke a piece of bread off a bun and ate that. I was stuffed. I drank 16 oz of water.

Before I went to my weekly doctor appointment, I hit the Farmer's Market. There was nothing I wanted. I suppose that Saturday is the day to go for the best produce. Only a half dozen vendors show up during the week.

The fried pies were tempting looking and huge, so I had a peach fried pie on the way to the doctor visit. It was quite large compared to the fried pies most people sell for the same price--$2.

On Wednesday, I took a potato out to have for breakfast, and just ate it as it was--cold and unadorned. There are still about two dozen potatoes waiting, uncooked. Today, I am going to put the chicken broth back into the crockpot and put another batch of potatoes in to cook.

At Walmart I price-matched sixteen ounces of grape tomatoes for $.88 instead of paying $2.78 Walmart asked. Blueberries were $1.48 for sixteen ounces.

A frail, elderly woman was studying the grapes, priced $1.98/lb. She took a long time and finally apologized to me for blocking me. I told her not to worry. I got a bag of green grapes and told her I was going to pay $0.88/lb for them. When she asked how, I told her about price-matching. She said she did not know how to do it. So, I told her to follow me. I paid for my grapes and moved forward. She said to the clerk, "I want to get these like she did." He smiled and rang up her $1.50 worth of green grapes.

It really makes me feel great to help people save money. I go around pointing out deals to people all the time if they have it in their cart or  they are looking at it and I know it is cheaper elsewhere  and eligible for a price-match. I suppose I look like a nut.

I will wash, dry and freeze some of these grapes, and then go back next Tuesday before the Sprouts ad expires and get more.  Dinner will be salad with chicken and grape tomatoes on it. Tonight, grapes  will be my snack along with pistachios.

Including the $2 fried pie, I will have eaten today for $5. Well, since the potato and peach were paid for with the produce coupons, I suppose I am out about $3.50.

Breakfast tomorrow will be a potato and a peach! I am looking forward to the meal.

Your turn
Have you ever eaten a cold potato out of hand as though it were an apple?  Is anyone finding green grapes for $.88/lb? What are your best deals this week or lately? Does it seem a little weird for me to be going around and telling people how they can price match?


  1. Blueberries at less than $2 for sixteen oz? If we get a small punnet for less than $4 we are doing well.
    I don't think we have price match, and it doesn't sound weird at all to me to tell people how to get the best deal.

    1. EC,
      The price match for blueberries is a very good price even here. I just cannot pass a person and not give them a hint at the good prices.

  2. Blueberries are extremely expensive here. Think 10 dollars for 16 oz. They are imported. They can be grown here but since not a lot of people are familiar with them, noone grows them.

    1. T'pol,
      That price makes my head spin! Maybe you could start a movement to start growing them. Thanks for that bit of knowledge.


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