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Saturday, August 13, 2016

It Was Dirty, So I Bought a New One

That is only half true. My microwave is over 25 years old and runs fine. But, it is in rough shape inside. I let something boil over and did not clean it right away. You know how it is when you say you will clean it up as soon as you eat? Well, since the liquid was clear and I was having problems with everything--diabetes, cancer, back and such hurting, I forgot. The next time I used it, I managed to burn whatever it was.

I tried to wash and soak and scrub with everything in my arsenal and the burn refused to budge. I decided it would work even if there was a burn. The burn on the glass made my food smell. So, I replaced the round glass turntable with a dinner plate. That worked! Yes, I could find a replacement at a thrift store.

Sometime, exbf spilled coffee in the microwave, on the microwave, and on the counter. I did not say anything! You know I will wait and pull that out some

The inside needed a good wiping, usually all a microwave needs. But, the other day, it looked like something exploded and burned. The trouble is, I cover things before I nuke. I had been eyeing the $35 microwaves at WM, but did not have money. All the cheap ones sold fast.

The other day, as I prepared to use it, there were hundreds of fruit flies inside. I nuked them and then my potato. But, I have reached the end.

Buying a microwave was a big deal. I have lots of counters, but they disappeared when I added a cutting board with a crockpot that stays out since I use it all the time. The other crock pot  is put away. Rarely do I use both at the same time. 

Then, I put a huge dehydrator on the other side of the microwave. It has to stay out since I cannot pick it up. The microwave was always in the corner at an angle. The new microwave could not be too wide nor too deep. I do not want the microwave on the other side of the kitchen, so I deal with a crowded corner.

I  am still not sure about the new microwave.  When I get someone to pick up the old one and move it where I can sit down, I will try to clean it. I do think the bottom is rusty which is very strange.

If I can return the old microwave to an acceptable level of sterility/cleanliness, I may take the new one back. It does seem like a lost cause. Replacing something still working goes against my grain. But, I cannot stand to use something that grody with my food.

The microwave falls in the same category as plastic that has bubbled, still functional, but at what personal cost.

As I shopped, I found a penny one day and a dime the next. I lost 5 pounds in ten days!!!!

Your turn
Have you ever agonized over replacing something still working?


  1. Oh I think every appliance should last forever. I have a hand mixer from 1967. And I do not replace working appliances. But it may be better in this case. My first microwave was the size of a Buick but it still worked when I gave it away. It took uip a whole counter.

    1. carol,
      I, too, do believe all appliances should last forever! This is the second microwave I have ever had. The first was so cheap and did not last as long as this one. There is still a bit of me that does not want to give this away. Maybe it will actually clean up where it is salvageable. The fruit flies are what bother me, so many.

  2. Did you try microwaving a cup of water to a rolling bowl to let the steam do it's work?

    1. CTMOM,
      Yes, and I thought about microwaving vinegar.

  3. I am very very reluctant to replace anything which still works. And resent that the days of repairing appliances has largely gone.

    1. EC,
      No one would fix my still mechanically sound washing machine that I loved. I was heartbroken because it was a good machine. I wish I had to thought to keep it and find another to cannibalize so mine would work.

  4. If you couldn't get it clean, it was time to get another one. And if there were bugs in it, I would have let it go too.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Those were my two criteria. I never leave the microwave open even for a moment after I put things in or out. Therefore, there should be no fruit flies or anything else. I wonder how they get in. Once before, I found a few in there and then no more. This is more like an infestation.

  5. Okay Linda...I am seeing if this comment appears on your blog! (Sharon Cross, who is having trouble, subscribing to your blog!)


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