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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great TP Bargain

Toilet Paper is two for the price of one at RiteAid. I now use a combination of tp and washcloths. Therefore, tp must be dirt cheap. I purchased Northern, the stretch kind, toilet paper where you buy a 12=24 pack and you get one free. I now have the back of the commode about four-feet high with the four packages I bought. For $6.47x2=$12.94 I brought home 48=96 rolls of toilet paper.

Tonight, at 1 am and after Modern Family is over, I am going back for more toilet paper. I am not sure if I will get four of the 12=24 packs or just two. I need to take a coupon that will lower the price appreciably.

Oh, I must get carrots for a project.

Your turn
Does your area have this great TP deal? Have you found another brand that regularly has good sales and coupons? What other bargains are out there in your area?


  1. I am brand loyal and only use Angel Soft, because it works fine on septic systems (lake place) and works well with low flow toilets (home) It goes on sell BOGO at Publix about every 6 weeks, so I hit the store every day. Our master bathroom has a huge jacuzzi tub that we have used 3 times in 14 years, so it is my toilet paper storage area. (Its kind of sad when you clean your bathtub with a vacuum cleaner isn't it? For me this tub is the single biggest waste of bathroom real estate I have ever seen.)

    1. Anne,
      I actually do prefer Angel Soft. But, this is the first time in about ten years I have bought tp, so this Northern on sale was a trial about 4 months ago. It worked, so I found it again just as I ran out.

      Vacuuming the bathtub is funny. When I had a newborn infant, I did dust the stove. My neighbors thought I was nuts. My husband had a job at Memphis State, working in the cafeteria and could eat two meals a day there. He was in school. I took advantage of the opportunity not to cook.

      I am going to watch for the BOGO at Publix. Speaking of storage, I have no idea where it will all go once I finally get it all in from the car.

      I never flush tp!

    2. We don't flush tp either.....well, sometimes i have flushed the first paper but any others fo in the rash. I spent many years with septic tanks and RV camping.

      I buy the kirkland brand from Costco.

    3. Janet,
      After the cut septic line last year, I fear it may not be quite right still. I never go to Costco, but I hear the Kirkland tp is good.


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