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Friday, August 19, 2016

I Did it Again, But Better

My post at 11 pm on Thursday night, the previous post, Great TP Bargain, tells how I got a great deal on tp.

At 2 pm Friday morning, I did it again. However, this time even though the tp came to $3.24, there was a $1 coupon sticker on the package, making each package $2.24. I bought 4 packages of 12=24.

That means 12 double rolls, and I purchased 4 packages. 4x24 rolls=96 rolls.

4x$2.24=$8.96 for 96 rolls. Did I do all the math correctly? I am bleary-eyed, needing sleep.

The $2.24 price for 12=24 rolls is great in my opinion. Maybe you get it much cheaper. I believe I paid less than 20 cents for each roll. This looks like my personal best.

The same items cost me $12.94 yesterday without coupons on the package.

The regular price each day would have been $26.94 without the sale or coupons.

Your turn
What is your best price on tp? Is the Northern on sale in your area? Correct my math, please!

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