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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

No Cataract Surgery This Tuesday

Monday I was thinking of all I have to do this week. Cataract surgery was cancelled. When I had to cancel before, I carefully planned when I would be free and could get someone to take me to surgery. I left nothing to chance for this Tuesday!

Today, things started going to hell in a handbasket, all because I really started planning the week.

I started thinking about my week ahead and surgery. I have an appointment in Birmingham on Wednesday and one here on Thursday. Then, it occurred to me that I could not drive until 24 hours after anesthesia and the day would be Wednesday and I would not be here...ack.

My choice was cancelling the oncologist visit on Wednesday or having the cataracts out on Tuesday and follow-up on Wednesday. I had to cancel the oncologist appointment once. I don't have to have the cataracts out on Tuesday. Soooo, once again, I am cancelling cataract surgery. Thankfully, the nurse was understanding.

Once I cancelled, I rescheduled and called my ride. She cannot take me on that date. Sooo, I called and asked on an answering machine to have a different date, a week beforehand. I was exhausted.

Dominique was especially happy to see me. Well, she was happy to see me and food. She has been moping about. I think she is bored. Saturday, some dirt was dug up by a friend and thrown in the pen where she digs holes. There were balls of little roots in the dirt, about the size of a football. Today, she had dug them out of the hole and mauled them, probably looking for minute bits of food in the form of bugs or worms.

Maybe the fact there was a protein food source all day made her seem less lethargic. I know that eating meat is the only thing some days that makes me feel better. It's almost 8 pm and I have not had a bite to eat, at all day, just water.

No matter whether I eat or not, I am groggy feeling and have a headache. The shaking has mostly stopped. The headache is less horrid.

I am going to make bbq chicken out of the crockpot chicken. Coleslaw is on the menu. Maybe the gross wheat-free bread will be improved by lots of bbq chicken and coleslaw to make a sandwich with green beans on the side. I had all this ready and planned for today, but sluggy's menus made me extra hungry way too early. Later, I will have banana and later some oats. Did you know chocolate chips are good in oats?

Update before publishing: The bbq sauce must have had vinegar in it because my eardrums are in such pain! That is the beginning of my throat swelling shut according to the ENT and allergist. My throat  has never closed in the years I have had this. Maybe this is the beginning of making my own bbq sauce and canning it.

Your turn
Do you ever make appointments on top of appointments or other obligations? Do sluggy's menus ever make you ravenous?


  1. Did I know that chocolate chips were good with oats? Well, duh. Chocolate chips improve anything! They are like bacon that way. I have never tried chocolate chips on bacon, but it must be heaven. Feel better.

    1. tana50.
      LOL...I meant in oats cooked to eat as cereal. I have a theory--any food can be improved by adding cheese or chocolate. Think about it. I suppose bacon has to be added to that list.

  2. I have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with oat flour and all purpose. The cookies are great! I'm following your cataract surgery- I have one that I should probably have removed but I don't want to miss working! Maybe next summer....I'm dieting so any menu makes me hungry haha. I'm pretty much eating 1000 calories a day.

    1. I need a recipe with oat flour. I wonder what I could substitute instead of wheat flour. I don't think you have to miss work, not for the cataract surgery. You won't be able to drive at least until the next day and you must go to eye doctor to have him check your ocular pressure. My dr only operates on Tuesday in my town. So,you might want to start plotting right now to get your surgery a day before a holiday, a holiday your eye doctor does honor. If you talk to your eye doctor now, he/she might be able to tell you who to go to and when.

  3. I don't think I have ever double-booked, no.

    1. Ur-spo,
      I had not until this last year. I blame it on lack of estrogen. The doctor made me quit it!


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