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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Of All the Nerve!

I was telling a guy about the tp deal. He said, "Will you give me some?" Do I have to tell you my answer to that question?

"Well, will you sell it to me for what you paid" Again, a negative in an irritated tone from me. and "Then, I will have shopped for nothing, wasted my time, and it may not be that price or they may be out!

"Where do you keep it?"

"I will tell you where to get it and help you get the right price, and will even go with you."

So far, I have purchased ten packages of 12=24 rolls.

This is the guy who will only mow my yard for one unacceptable price. So, Hell NO, he cannot have or buy my tp.

He is coming by tonight to remove the old microwave and bring the new one in from the car. I will hide the tp! He saw I had about a dozen packages of batteries and asked for two. I gave them to him. THEN, he mentioned several times one day that he needed batteries. So, I hid them. If he knew I had about 20 packages of 16, he would beg for more or maybe just take them.

Okay, I need a nap. Then, I will hide my tp. I am not selfish, just don't like his idea that he cannot do me a favor and then carry things off.

Your turn
Do you ever have people ask for things you have in abundance? Do people ever whine about their needs when they KNOW you have stocked up? Do you get strong and repeated hints?


  1. Tom's wife - I know this is stupid but once I had a neighbor knock on my door and request a dozen Shasta Daisies and a dozen Black Eyed Susans I had growing in my backyard. She "needed" them to make 2 little centerpieces for her dinner party and didn't have time to shop for flowers. No, I wasn't invited and yes I gave them to her. That was the last time I gave ANYTHING to someone who asked for, and could afford to buy themselves or was too lazy to buy, something I had.

    Taking advantage of anyone, friend, neighbor for foe, is just plain wrong. Yet, I know many who wouldn't say no. I will and do say no without feeling bad about it.

    By the way, just this week I gave a neighbor from the next street over 3 Donkey's Ears plants and a small plant of Cranberry Hibiscus - she'd admired them in my front garden and asked where she could buy them. I had lots, thought nothing of giving them to her and, to make it even better, she returned my pots the next day :)

    1. Tom's wife,
      That is a lot of nerve--not inviting you and asking for something to help out!

      I am loathe to just give things to people who, like you say, can get their own. The neighbor to whom you gave the plants knows how to treat people--returning the pots and so soon.

      Good for you for standing up for yourself.

    2. A friend who had an amazing garden told me this story. One day she heard a car stop in the alley behind their place. When she looked out the window she saw a woman picking tons of flowers from her yard.

      My pal went out and the woman looked up, smiled and said, "You have so many, I figured you wouldn't miss them."

      (I told my friend, "You should have gone to her car, reached into her purse and started taking out money while saying, "You have so many greenbacks I figured you wouldn't miss them.")

      Seems this woman, too, was giving a dinner party and wanted to brighten up her table. Here's the kicker: HER HUSBAND IS A JUDGE!!!!


    3. Donna,
      LOL...she should have known she was breaking the law. She was not just some ditzy woman, she felt entitled. Who is to say what your friend would miss. Oh, right--the woman who wanted her flowers. Your advice was funny. I think I would have billed her.

      I don't get people and their nerve, or as my friend would say--"more brass than the courthouse dome."

      Thanks for that story.

  2. Replies
    1. Ur-spo,
      Yessiree. Good for you on no moochers.

  3. Some people believe that the world revolves around them, or that if it doesn't, it should. I am happy to say no to them.

    1. EC,
      You are so correct. I am more than happy to say no, also.

  4. Years ago, we bought a tv stand from another navy family that was moving back to the States from Japan. We paid them $85 dollars for the stand. We ended up moving to the same area as this family when my husband retired. We GAVE them a brass headboard we didn't have room for for their daughter's bedroom. When we adopted our olded daughter, they LOANED us a crib, and reminded us over and over that they wanted it back for when their grandchildren eventually arrived (25 years later now and they still don't have any grandchildren - none of their kids are even married).

    After years of their borrowing our stuff and never returning it, the last straw was when they decided they wanted "their" TV stand back - for free. Our son didn't know we had paid them for it, and took it over to their house. I made him go back and get it and told him to remind them that we have given them $85 for it. It was an embarrassing for him to do, but we stood firm. BTW, this family was very well-to-do. Traveled first class, ate out all the time, kids went to private schools, etc. But they thought the world owed them.

    You don't owe the moocher anything. Tell him how he can do the deal, and wish him well. Laura

    1. WOW,
      It is amazing how their good memory of that one loan failed when it came to your having purchased the stand. Sometimes people who have lots expect the world to give things to them. It sounds like she had more brass than the courthouse dome. I'm glad you got your tv stand back and told/reminded her why it was yours. Thanks for the story.

  5. People never stop surprising me.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      These people are serial moochers. The only person allowed to ask me for something is exbf.

  6. I do deals to keep my family in things like TP, laundry soap, dish soap, food, personal hygiene things etc....
    I work hard at it and our winter is always lower income because of seasonal work. Some people sure have a lot of nerve. Asking for my things - Nope, not giving to you. Now if I see a need or someone is struggling, a good friend or family I share if I can and if it's appropriate. But I have to take care of my little family first. They won't be taking care of us in the winter!

    I teach couponing classes and also how to just save money even if you don't use coupons like shopping the loss leaders and lower cost stores. I do these for free but some days I think I should charge just a little bit for my time because people and churches act like I should do these things for them and they don't always value the advice I give them.

    Both my boys are excellent shoppers because I taught them to be. I actually had one lady from Church who couldn't be bothered to come to either one of the two classes I gave but wanted me to do the work for her and take her shopping. Nope!
    Take care and hang on to your TP! lol

    1. Crystal,
      Sometimes, people assume what they get for free, even lessons or advice is not worth anything. So, I can understand how the urge to charge is there on your part.

      I, too, will give things away. Just don't see the excess and say, "But, you have so much. Why can't you "share" with me?"

      I had a friend who worked near the grocery store where I worked. I would tell her what deals I found at the grocery. She asked me to get her the same things. I objected and she said she was hurting and needed to go home after work. Once I did this, she expected me to go back and shop for her all the time. She whined if I said I could not.

      I'm glad you did not take the woman shopping!

      I think my children are good shoppers, too, from the things they tell me when they get a bargain.

      Oh, I am hanging tight to my tp. I need to hide the rest as he is coming over to move my microwave. He can have pears for that because he does nothing just because.

    2. I meant the grocery store where I shopped. I never worked at a grocery store.

  7. Serial moochers, I love that, and I know a lot of them. I keep a balance sheet in my head because I hate the feeling of being taken advantage of.

  8. carol,
    Isn't it a shame to have to keep up in your head. One time, I was at someone's house, someone I had freely and without prompting given things to. She had a 20 bag of potatoes. I wanted one so much. Finally, I asked her if I could have one. She wanted to give me more, but I did take one. About two weeks later, I had something, tomatoes or peaches, and she asked if she could have one. I readily agreed. If the guy had not been working, I would have given him a roll of tp. But, his reasoning and manner of asking irked me. He is a serial moocher!


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