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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I can quit eating chocolate if I want to, but I am not a quitter!

I saw that somewhere and liked it and had to share. So, I have several things on my mind.

Pork loin
Pork loin was on sale last week for 1.49/lb. Is that a good price? It was somewhere near six pounds, so the pork loin was just under $10. The last time I had a pork loin, I cooked it in the oven. This one went into my large gifted crock pot and cooked for 20 hours. It is possibly the most  tender piece of meat I have ever had.

I just had pulled pork on a free bun with marked down BBQ sauce. But, I had no cole slaw to put on top--boo hoo.  Unfortunately, I could not afford a bag of the tricolor cole slaw mix. Tomorrow, I can afford it as my ss check will come tomorrow.

Exbf will come on Thursday, so we will have pork loin, slaw, and field peas and still have leftovers...maybe for Easter, too? I predict the pork loin will last for 10 meals; the coleslaw for 5, and the field peas for 4 meals. Exbf will eat one meal here, and I will send home another meal with him. I will put the meal in a divided, covered Tupperware plate so he can take it to work for his meal..

(No, I cannot grate cabbage because of my injured hands.)

Dressing and BBQ sauce
In the grocery store I have seen Kraft Ranch Dressing, 24 ounces and no hfcs Kraft BBQ sauce, 18 ounces, packaged together, shrink-wrapped and sold for only a bit less than they would be separately on the shelf. The other day, I found the packaged duo for $1.99. The dressing in this size was something like $3.48, so I am ahead on this already. I think the BBQ sauce was $1.49. At any rate it was a bargain. I love both but rarely buy either.

This was the BBQ sauce I put on my sandwich. I could put it in the meat, but I won't.

Pork loin is something I recently discovered. Don't ask me why. 

Your turn
How much per pound is pork loin regularly priced? What is a good price when it is on special? This was not going out of date! Did they mark down the dressing bbq sauce duo at your store? t any rate, I think $1.99 for both is a steal.


  1. Had to Google 'hfcs' - gee, you'd think I'd know that by now!
    Kraft BBQ sauce is around $1.98 and the Ranch Dressing is about $2.60 so you got a really good deal. Haven't seen that in our store yet, but will be on the look out for it.

    Have no idea what pork loin goes for but any meat that's under $1.50 a pound sounds good. Have had it before and cut it into 1" slices. Only hubby eats pork and he grills it like a steak. I've switched to a whole foods plant based (like vegan without the ideology) diet since having my carotid surgery.

  2. Bellen,
    After looking at prices of meat I don't even intend to buy, I think anything $2 or under is good. Under $1.50 is excellent. The duo comes out in the beginning of summer for bbq and salads, I suppose. It is $5.98 or something exorbitant. The $1.99 del was clearance and both are near "use by" date.

    I rarely eat pork or beef, just chicken breasts, bought only when on sale.

    I wonder about the condition of my carotid. Actually, I worry.

  3. $1. 49 is a great price for pork loin here. Today I found pork tenderloin for $1.99. I keep one of those in the freezer all the time, but have not seen pork loin any cheaper than you found it except during the tent sales and you have to buy the entire loin then.

    The bbq sauce and dressing sounds like a good deal, but I couldn't say for sure. I buy only Ollies bbq sauce and generally make all my dressings

    1. Anne,
      Maybe I bought tenderloin. ??? Glad to know you think it is a good price. If I figure it is $1 for a bottle, I can see it is a good deal. Where are there tent sales?

    2. Piggly Wiggly in Birmingham have a couple (maybe 3?) per year. Western has their version but they call it a "Wholesale" sale. Both have great prices, but require very large portions. I am fortunate to have both stores failry close so I can take advantage of both

    3. If you got tenderloin for !.49 you got a steal!

  4. here that would be a good price would be $1.98 lb.

    Thanks. I wonder about other places. I am having to force myself not to go in and pinch a bit out of the bowl. It is sooo delicious.

  6. Hi got a great deal on that pork loin. Here the price used to be 1.99 and now that is the sale price but you have to buy the whole loin. We like to cut it into chops and pound it thin. Roll in breadcrumbs and fry. Not as big as those monster tenderloin sandwiches they show on travel channel but so good. Not exactly healthy though. It's also great for stir fry.Now I'm hungry

    1. It is too bad I did not have the money or freezer space to buy more if it was such a good bargain. I forgot what the regular price was. The price is in the trash and I don't want to dig it out. I picked the meat out a bit at a time since it was so tender and left if on a paper plate. There was lots of "juice" which solidified in the crock pot. eeeek, glad I was not using the juice for anything. I picked the loin with the least marbling, so maybe it is more healthy cooked that way.

  7. Replies
    1. Sonya Ann,
      I am having a sandwich for lunch!


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