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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Free Range Chicken Commercial

This chicken is the very color and build of Maggie May, my Buff Orphington. My neighbor behind me allows her nun friend to pick up pecans. When Maggie May sees Jane picking up pecans, she goes back there to help.

J said that Maggie May was the most beautiful chicken she had ever seen, sort of ethereal.

This commercial won me over. Watch it HERE.

Flash: Double points on Coke cap codes.

Your turn
Do you have a "free range" chicken, one that likes to wander?


  1. I have my back yard (1/4 acre) completely fenced in, and all 5 chickens and Tom Lurkey are free to roam all around it. Their favorite place to roost is my (very tall) Colorado blue spruce.

    1. Jogn,
      Mine have never roosted in a tree unless they did when they did not get in the pen before I lock it. That sounds like a nice setup your fowl have.

  2. Love that ad. I have just sent it to my partner's sister. She will also love it.

    1. EC,
      Good. I am glad she likes it and think she will, too.

  3. Here are some Oregon commercials (I would skip number one), but I hope you don't see a chicken that looks anything like yours:


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