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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Watching Others Work Exhausts Me

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Today, two girls, nineteen and twenty came to help me clear out the kitchen. They could spend about 2.5 hours. However, I gave out after 1.75 hours of watching them. My back cannot take that much standing.

Actually, I had to stand in the kitchen and tell them where to put things, what to toss, and what was actually something I value. And there were things that I wanted to put in the same box, like my water bath canner and all the loose rings and boxes of lids/flats.

It's progress. It makes me happy. However, I slept only three hours last night.. I awoke very hot. Sooo, I had to use the ac for the first time. I stayed up long enough that I could not sleep. THEN, I tried to sleep around noon, and the girls called me to tell me they were leaving Huntsville and would be here in an hour. Then, I tried to sleep again, but could not.

I got lucky today. I forgot to lock up the hens. Actually, I "remembered" locking them up, so I did not go out to check last night. They were busy when I went out to feed them this morning.. Thelma was laying an egg while Maggie May was off pecking and scratching under the pine tree. Tonight, I fed them leftovers from the Wednesday night dinner, collected the two eggs, and left the door open. However, I did remember and went back to shut it.

TSC had chicks today when I went in to buy two egg cartons. I had better luck with farm chicks, and they are cheaper. Paying $2.99 for a chick and being forced to buy six does not sit well with me. So, I will go to the farm and get $1 mutts, taking my chances with the sex. I will not give away these cartons, just use them for transporting eggs safely to the person who is getting them.

Now, it is bedtime since I have been feeling like I am going to sleep in the car and in the store.

Your turn
Do you have better luck raising  store chicks or farm chicks? Do you ever think you locked the chicks or any door to only discover you were wrong???  Do you have an inordinate exhaustion come over you for almost no reason?



  1. haven't had chicks in over 30 years..glad someone is helping you clean..

    1. jckiesue
      I have decided to go with farm chicks. Me too!


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