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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grocery Deals and Weather

Today, I left the house about 4 pm, planning to return before the chickens needed to be closed up in their pen round 5 pm.  I returned at 9:15, thoroughly put out for many reasons.

Another female customer in produce and I must have talked for 45 minutes as we shopped. I shared the deals in the ads that came out today. Since she lives out of the county, she does not get this bundle of grocery ads. When I suggested she look online, she said she would.

Then, I saw two more friends and we talked.

I waited 30 minutes for someone to come and help me in one department. Three different people paged someone, nothing. Finally, I gave up on that purchase.

Raspberries were $1.49 at Aldis, so I purchased six 6 ounce packages--1 to eat now, 1 to eat later, one to dehydrate and three to freeze if I don't like them dehydrated. As I left the register after paying, I decided to go look over the raspberries again. Call me silly. The raspberry bin had been refilled with boxes of raspberries. The girl working there agreed the ones just put out looked better than what I purchased/

"I will just trade these six new ones for the six I bought." Well, she got up on her little high horse, drew herself further and told me NO. She said I would have to return the purchased ones at the service desk and repurchase the newer, better raspberries. I am sure I looked at her as though she were demented. "You mean they have never left the store and I have to return them? Just because they have been paid for and bagged?" She became more adamant and bossy. So, I did as she said. I like to remain friends with the produce people.

So, I stood/sat in line for 25 minutes. Yes, I was watching the clock.  The person at the service desk finally understood what I was doing. She agreed that just trading out of the bag seemed more reasonable. With the receipt anyone could see I had just purchased this. ugh! Plus, there were ten people behind me, waiting to return something.

Pineapples were $0.99 at Aldi. Strawberries were $1/qt. I have one of each now.

Dehydrated strawberries had so many little hard seeds that I swore never to dehydrate strawberries again. What am I doing wrong? How do I de-seed strawberries?

The high today was 75 degrees F. At 4 pm it was still 74 Degrees F. By 8 pm it was 44 F with a strong wind that whipped my hair about. I had not worn socks, only thin pants,  a scooped neck  t-shirt with no sweater or bra. Yes, a bra keeps off some of the chill.

When I was ready to leave, I asked over the course of 30 minutes for someone to help me get my groceries in the car.

I spent the next hour dealing with the car problems. I am too tired to relate those tonight. And, my feet are cold.

Your turn
How can I dehydrate strawberries without having those seeds that turn to stone? The strawberry shrinks, so the outside of the strawberry is solid seed.
Here in N AL we will have ice covering everything. Are you ready? Staying home?


  1. I knew more about your weather forecast than you did. The sudden drops are now making national news. Enjoy the ice! I hope your power stays on.

    1. Snow,
      I heard it made national news from a friend. Funny thing is that I cannot get national news. When the tornado tore the town up, people had to call me and tell me what was happening!

      Today, I heard from a friend that Cullman was the only city on the map, showing how far south the freeze was expected.

      Thanks for the confirmation that this is a nationally interesting event.

      The power is my main problem.

  2. Walmart loves to treat customers like dirt. Den and I almost got thrown out because he didnt' have his ID with him for alcohol. I was like, I'm way passed 21 and he doesn't look like he was 20. It was a mess. I really hope that they all go under and Target takes over. Target employees are awesome.

    1. Sonya, Long before I was using the electric cart, I had to ask for someone to pull out a cart. One guy hated doing it and jerked the cart out and let it go so that it hit me. The women explained how to get beside the cart and push on the cart in front and pull the carts apart. All this pulling and shoving was injuring me--wrists, back, knees.

      The employees will stand and not help me, explaining how to get off the cart and do it myself--things like reaching a very high shelf or a shelf that takes my getting on my knees.

      Plus one cart pusher touches me all the time and calls me "honey." They defended him by saying that is just what he does."

      They argue about how to use coupons. They refuse to allow me to use peelies and a coupon from PG on same items!

      I could write a book.

  3. Hi Linda...funny thing about strawberries, the seeds seem to annoy me more each year. Have they always been so, well, crunchy? In June Ohio has local strawberries that are as sweet as candy. I eat them like a glutton. Very few get frozen. In my opinion this is one fruit that you need to enjoy as is not dried. Unless you cook them, strain them and make a type of leather.

  4. Oh forgot to add, I saw Cullman on the NBC nightly news weather map.

    1. The seeds don't shrink while the strawberry does, so they appear to be all seeds after drying. I only tried dehydrating strawberries. I will probably just eat these fresh like I usually do.

      See, I it was on National news! NBC is where he saw "Cullman", too. The Birmingham news on another station said we were the center of the ice problems. I am going to have to carry hot water and a hammer to open my mailbox! Thanks for telling me.


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