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Friday, March 6, 2015

Freezing and Ill

Thursday am:
I went out to feed the hens and went back to bed that morning. Then, I called exbf at 5:30 pm to get the weather. Other than those two things, I have been asleep all day. Oh, I went to get the mail and the box was coated in ice and not opening. I did call him at 11:30 pm and ask him to watch the news for the weather again for me. He was asleep for the night. I thought it was 6 pm.  I was so confused.

Back to the hens. The door latch to their pen was covered with ice. So, getting it open was  chore consisting of beating it and using both hands for a one-handed job. I gave them three days of corn and oats and  a pbj sandwich. I knew I was not going out again!

For the whole of Thursday, 24 hours, I did not drink or eat anything.

The raspberries went into the dehydrator on Wednesday. It is about 1:30 am, Friday right now. They still have not begun to dry. They appear to be melting down into the mesh. I won't be dehydrating anymore raspberries in any form. This is not a failure, just a lesson learned. Tomorrow, I will make a bit of raspberry jam.

The tv weather girl said we had no snow, just ice. Well, pardon me. My yard had an inch of snow. I know ice from snow. I have had a yard full of ice and did not have just ice on Thursday. Yes, there was a top layer of ice. The limbs have a full 1/2 inch of ice. So does the snow. So far, I have not lost my electricity.

If I can survive this frigid cold (18 F) night , it will be gone in 12 hours. I must have left my purse in the car. I need the one medicine I carry everywhere. But, I am too afraid of falling down to go out. After tonight, the weather will be in 50s and 60s...yay! The last time I fell on ice was in 1993. I hurt myself so badly slipping down concrete steps that I am terrified of ice now.

No eggs on Thursday. That is what happens when their water is empty.
Many dreams but all gone.

So, there is not much to tell. I am too ill with fever and sort throat to do anything but go back to bed in my 40 degree F house.

Your turn
Do you give your animals extra food so you don't have to go out? So, they will be able to keep warm in frigid weather? Have you given up chancing walking on ice?


  1. I wonder why the raspberries didn't do well in the dehydrator?? When I read that line, I thought, "I need to do that!!"

    I'm with Jane above...I wonder if you need a geographical cure.

    1. Cherdo,
      This was just unusual. Really, if I were in a warmer area, I would not like it much. When I am in a warmer place with plenty of heat, I have to turn it way down. I had to ask my sweetie to turn down the heat last weekend. Actually, the excess heat in his apartment started this sore throat and feeling ill. Then, I got too cold because I did not wear clothes for the temp drop.

      My daughter lives in nyc and had to open windows when the owner kept the heat too high. The owner lived in the house, was elderly and like lots of heat. When I was there, I pressed my face against the tiny bathroom window that was open and breathed deeply to get cool winter air.

      Just now, in response to this comment, I went to check and ate one. Thankfully, not all "melted" into the mesh. I ate one that was looking perfect. The middle was still soft. It is good, very concentrated taste that was strong. So, maybe they are not all going to go flat into the mesh.

  2. You are in a parlous state at the moment. Sounds as though you will freeze to death if you're not careful. Hoping that the warmer air will soon be making you feel a good deal better.

    1. PhilipH,
      It is not so dangerous here. Once I got into bed in my feverish state, I slept many hours. I m still ill, but not worse. Hopefully, I will continue to recover. Right now, it is 39 F, still not warm.

  3. Replies
    1. Gill,
      Next time winter seems to have gone, I will still carry warm clothes. I am better!

  4. Oh my word! You take care of yourself and stay in bed under the covers and stay warm. Ice is scary, I won't go out in it either. Let us know how you are doing.

    1. I have been in bed for about 35 of 48 hours. I was warm there. My fever has dropped. I have eaten little--just sleep and It is27 F right now, but this is supposed to be the end of freezing. Tomorrow and next week are supposed to be warm. I'v fallen down these steps once, so won't chance it again.


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