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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Never Before; Twice Today

Yes, today was a memorable day. But, it is not memorable in a good way. Even though I am filled full of medicine, my temperature is higher, and I feel worse by the hour. So, I am not surprised things are falling apart.

Last night as I was in bed, I knocked my glasses off to the floor. I felt to ill to move to retrieve them. So, when I awake, I stepped right on them. Even though they looked awful, I managed to straighten them a bit and put them on. I drove 30 miles to wash my hair at the church. When I left there, I noticed one lens was gone, went back to look for it and drove home.

I put the glasses on the dash and eventually, they skittered across the dash when I made a turn. They fell off the dash on the passenger side of the car. When I came home, I was too exhausted to even carry my purse inside.

After a three-hour nap, I went to bring my purse in and find the glasses. When I opened the door, things started falling out. I never could find my glasses on the seat or the floor...until I stepped backwards and closed the door. There were my glasses, stepped on multiple times in my search.

Maggie May left an egg.
My dream was pleasant.
I remembered to lock the hens in their pen.

Now, I am going back to bed and to the doctor tomorrow.


  1. Aaargh.
    It sounds like bed, and the doctors tomorrow is definitely the right place.

  2. hang in there! spring is coming

    1. Ooops,
      It is 75 out, so it may have just slipped in.

  3. Oh no! Do you have a spare pair of glasses? Can you see OK without them? I have 2 prescriptions of old glasses & a few contacts. I'd be lost without my glasses!

  4. tlc,
    I have worn glasses for about 25 years and never needed a spare before now. No, I have no spare! I cannot read at all. But, I can drive. When I wear them without one lens, I stagger because it makes me dizzy. I have extra, old lens but the frame it too bent.

  5. You don't have a spare pair of glasses!! I only need glasses for reading, but I have a pair in the car, in the kitchen, in my studio, upstairs in the bathroom etc. Okay they are only cheap readers but I can't do anything close up without them!

    1. LL
      I need the dr prescribed kind for astigmatism correction, otherwise, I get a headache. I have had these frames since 1998 and have not once even bent them. I put them on in the morning and take them off at night or before a nap or ablutions.

      My rule is never place them anywhere a person might sit or stand. Well, being so ill, I just left them on the floor, thinking I would remember in the morning.

      Besides, my eyes need different strengths, so those cheap ones don't help my vision much.

      I m glad the cheap ones work for others. My daughter wears those successfully. Son need prescription.


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