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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Description Mosquito bite from Flickr.jpg

It is 11 pm and 63 degrees F, and  a mosquito stalked my face as I swatted it away. Finally, it was where I could slam it against my body instead of swatting the air or clapping it between my hands. So, I hit it hard right in my solar plexus. Since it was an open-handed blow, it hurt  bit, but I could still breathe. Yuck, I have a big black spot on the front of my coat, even after I wiped it away.

I say it is too early for mosquitoes! Plus, it is going to freeze in 24 hours, a hard freeze! I was dreading another freeze, but maybe it will kills mosquitoes and larva.

Your turn
Have you gone from freezing and now have mosquitoes trying to bite you?


  1. It will be months until we approach freezing, but the rotten mosquitoes are having a field day. And they love me.

  2. Hate mosquitoes. Most people don't realize, but they are responsible for more death and destruction than any other creature in the world (yes, even more than man). Malaria, not much of a problem in a large part of the developed world, is still devastating the populations in other countries. Those that survive the disease in childhood are usually left with learn disabilities or worse. Even in the US, mosquitoes transmit several disease that kill, maim, blind or destroy the brains of perhaps a few dozen individuals each year.

    1. Sue,
      AIDS and Ebola get lots of attention, but kill few people compared to mosquito-borne disease. I did not know about the learning disabilities. Thanks.

  3. It's 27 degrees here. We got a burst of heavy snow early this morning, but it didn't stick. Forecast is showing 30s tomorrow, 50s Friday, & then we enter 60s with thunderstorms. Yay! I *love* strong spring thunderstorms lol.

  4. tlc,
    Your weather sounds like ours--all over the place.

  5. It was 73 in Knoxville yesterday. We didn't have mosquitoes, but a giant May fly just buzzed around here. We've got ice, today!


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