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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Pain

Today, exbf came to help me. He has not been here in a month, per my wishes. Snow and ice made it too much for him I thought. Even if he made it here, doubtful, He would have been trying to walk on ice with two hips that needed replacement five years ago.

This morning, he came in the door at my feet telling me, "Get up, get up! Get out of bed!" I was feeling too bad to respond harshly and loudly. Maybe hit him. Next week, I will get to the bottom of that! Well, if I feel better.

He sat in my chair when he sat today. That was so I did not have to move some boxes off the sofa for him to sit there. I was in bed, lying down or sitting on it like now. I did not lie down enough today.

He drove me to Walmart to get water. Then, he drove me to laundry and helped me get the laundry out of the machines and did the lifting in and our of the car. I have one bag of panties to hang up, and a huge bag of other white things to hang in the house. I use a trash bag because it easier to manage that a laundry basket. My torn rotator cuffs thank me. Today, I cooked pasta,  drained it and put it in the crockpot with two jars of commercially canned Spaghetti sauce. Two different brands and two different varieties worked well.

To this I added way too much meat, dehydrated celery, olive oil, and cinnamon. You are not supposed to taste cinnamon, but I put so much that it tastes like cinnamon. He raved over this and was so happy he had almost two quarts to take home. There is a bowl with almost two quarts in my refrigerator, and I am happy, too. Mine will have some tomato sauce added to tame the cinnamon. The spaghetti was not bad even with way too much cinnamon. Parmesan cheese dampened the cinnamon taste for me, hopefully a bit more tomato will drive it back.We love the meat, so "too much" is not really too much. It is just more than I usually put in this dish.

Brussel sprouts was the quickest vegetable to cook, so Brussels sprouts, spaghetti, and grapes were dinner. Yes, I checked all the frozen packages for cooking time.

No, I am not better, just more exhausted/

Oh, he helped me clean out part of my car, but I had to be out there so he would know exactly what I wanted to do with things.

He changed the pinestraw for the hens. He dumps their sleeping straw into the pen. Then, he takes the clean straw from their laying box and puts it in the sleeping box.

I did manage to get the larger, secret surprise, Crock Pot washed today to combine all that spaghetti.

Your turn
Did you ever become ill and then have to participate in work when you had just as soon stay in bed. Have you ever added too much of something, like cinnamon in my spaghetti and eaten it anyway?

Two eggs today.
Wild dreams last night.


  1. I *always* put Cinnamon in, not just pasta sauce but everything that I cook. :)

    My advice for your remaining sauce - boil up some potatoes, both white and sweet potato (yams in the us?) if you got them. When the potatoes are cooked, mash them a little with some butter and cheese - not too much, just with a fork - then put the sauce over the top of the potatoes. :)

    I am totally addicted to potatoes and red pasta sauce. I even do a nice chicken cacciatore with anchovies, mushrooms and olives and put that over the top of potatoes too.

    I think I'm on a bit of a put things on potato kick, last week we had bacon, leek, and a fried egg, it was amazing.

    In case I never left a comment before, hey there, found your blog a little bit ago, added you to my feed reader. :)

  2. I have never heard of spaghetti sauce over potatoes. But, that is no stranger than what I m planning to do. I am going to put zucchini slices in the next batch and not use pasta.

    People in the US call sweet potatoes Yams as some sort of affectation. Yams are white-fleshed potato sold only in African or specialty in places like Atlanta and NYC.

    I have 80 pounds of sweet potatoes sitting in my house. I love them, too!

    It is great to hear from you. I hope you do comment again.

  3. I did not know about cinnamon in red sauce, where have I been? I will try it. I also love too much meat.
    I made a crockpot of pinto beans with ham fat today. Yum. Depression meal, yes, but also comfort food.
    I am sorry you are still feeling so sick. Take care.

  4. Patti,
    I have been feeling ill for a long time, just nothing much to complain about, nothing to define or put my finger on.

    It sort of bothers me for such food to be called Depression food. We ate beans with ham, supplied by parents who lived through the Depression. It is good, healthy food if the diet has fruits and vegetables, which we had. "Depression food" makes it sound like people who eat it still are poor. Not fussing at you! It definitely is comfort food, food from my childhood.

    We rarely ever had pinto beans, maybe never. Daddy loved Great Northern beans, and so do I.

    I just had a coughing fit that made me dizzy, but at least it was a productive cough. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Yeah, many times, but if a dj doesn't turn up for a gig for a 21st birthday party or a Wedding it will be a disaster for the event. I just dose myself up with pain killers and do the best job I can. Weddings are the worst though because I'm standing for about 6/7 hours and then I have to take all the gear down and back in the car. It's quite a physically demanding job, which many people aren't really aware of.

    1. LL Cool Joe,
      I can imagine it must be awful for you if you were ill and still had to do your job. Oh yes, being dead would be the only excuse for not doing the wedding! You don't have a helper? I have had to hire people on the spot for the unloading and loading when I went to craft show toward the end when my back obviously was getting worse, and especially if I were ill.

      I suppose I would never think a dj job was physically demanding, but I am never there for the set up or breakdown. I know that the dj is always "on."

      Thanks for the explanation.

  6. Hope you feel better soon Linda. I hate house chores while sick. Please do get lots of rest and fluids so that you can recover faster.

    1. T'Pol,,
      Everything in my body seems worse today since I had to do a few things on his schedule so things would get done. I have to go to the car to get a gallon of water...sigh. Thanks!

  7. I've had to do that a lot, and it stinks, but sometimes you just gotta do it. Hope you feel better.

    1. Cherdo,
      I was moving the bare minimum for weeks now, so it caught up with me since he had not been here in a month. Thank you, so do I.

  8. Don't suppose there's any chance of exbf coming over here is there ? I'm recovering from pneumonia and still have had to do everything myself with no help at all !


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