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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine Saturday--Guys, skip this post!

Sure, the sun shone when it was well below freezing and there was almost a foot of snow. That was nice. But, today the sun was shining without snow and ice. Even though it got up to 65 degrees F, I was cold, in pain,  and stayed in bed late.

So, here is the deal. I am a 68-year-old woman with the cramps. I have taken Premarin (estrogen) for 25 years. If I don't, the symptoms of no estrogen are horrific. I cannot sleep, cannot think, am very mean, and don't like myself. I have hot flashes! I am so grumpy and give everyone just what they deserve--according to me. But, I have no right to give everyone what they deserve. So, I take estrogen. Oh, this way I don't run red lights continually.

When I went to the gynecologist last year, I told him to give me estrogen in the nursing home so they would not sedate me for being nasty. He assured me he had an 86-yr-old woman in the nursing home that had to have estrogen so she could stand everyone and herself. And, she wanted to be tolerable to others.

Sooo, since I have a uterus and take estrogen, I must take something (Prometrium) to "clean out" what is usually sloughed off monthly before menopause. Otherwise, I could develop cancer of the uterus. Consequently, I have pms, cramps, and am cold just like when I was naturally functioning and younger.  I always was cold every month for about five days.

(NO, I will not have my uterus removed. It is mine, behaving nicely, and I want it.)

Plus, I have had a fever with my sore throat. Miraculously, I did not have head congestion, ear pain, coughing or any kind of phlegm. It is just a sore throat. The fever that made me so cold has gone away.

No matter why I am cold, suggesting I move South is ridiculous. Everybody in the North who is complaining bitterly about their climate is not encouraged to move to a warmer climate. Since I hate intense heat, I would have to relocate twice each year. Even if I could afford to be a snowbird, I do not want that kind of life. So, lay off. Last night, I was ready to moderate comments. The comment is gone.

No, we are not prepared for last week's weather. I am not the only person who was so cold from lack of an insulated house, no winter coat, and just unprepared for what snow tires, either. People down here have worn shorts all winter, even in the freeze last week. I took  a thin, nylon coat, unlined, to NYC in the winter. My sil was shocked. He was even more shocked when I told him lots of people coats are just as thin.

I was able to take my weekly shower this afternoon, so I am much more tame with my criticism. Since I usually shower on Sunday, I went to WM to get my Sunday paper earlier tonight, Saturday. At least, I figured it out before complaining about the missing paper rack.

Your turn
Can anyone relate with the menopause dilemma of taking estrogen and then needing progesterone? You can email if you don't want to respond here.  Is the sun shining where you live?


  1. About 25 years ago I started taking estrogen (I"m 68 also) and it was supposed to also bring my panic attacks under control. It made them 100% worse so no more estrogen. I was not a very nice person with quite wild mood swings. Once I got my blood sugar under control, gave up caffeine and started exercising my panic attacks subsided and I've really been quite nice. My primary has no explanation for it but is happy that I'm happy with myself. My GYN, a woman, told me just to live with it.

    Take estrogen & progesterone if that what is needed. Everyone is different and women's hormones are in a class by themselves - men just don't get it and some women don't either.

    Hope spring comes on strong - you need warm sunny days!

    1. Bellen,
      It is amazing how our bodies react differently. I have been a lifelong hypoglycemic. This developed into reactive hypoglycemia, meaning that every hour my blood sugar took a dive. I do not have diabetes. Once I took Protonix for GERD, I rarely have low blood sugar.

      I am glad you are nice and happy with yourself. I know when I am not nice and don't like me. Estrogen keeps me nice. Thanks for the comment.

    2. About 25 years ago, I was told I was having panic attacks. Nope, I gave up caffeine and was just fine. My son cannot handle caffeine, either.

    3. I'm 49 and I am just learning about this menopause thingy. Overall I'm sort of glad because my periods were incredibly painful for the first day or two. Not having the period is a big plus. I have the hot flashes and night sweats that makes getting a good night's sleep a little more diffacult but I don't seem affected by mood swings or emotional turmoil.
      I'm not on any hormone treatment though I tried taking soy when I started the first menopause symptoms but I did not care for the effects of just feeling a little off.

      My Mom had a bad menopause and still has a few issues but I learned early how to stay out of the "crankiness impact area" as well as letting her times of lashing out roll off my back.

    4. Just stay from the soy!!! Take melatonin with B6. One mg might be enough.

      Menopause was horrendous, but I have it all under control except when it is all out of I am glad you are tolerant of what she cannot help. I know my ex would be in my face, berating me or doing anything he could to get a rise out of me so he could watch me cry or get upset and become more klutzy.

      Thanks for your experience.

  2. at 43 i'm not there yet but i feel like menopause is advancing on me. my sister says i'm silly to feel that way but what would she know, she's 5 years younger.
    the idea of you taking two hormone drugs kind of bothers me, no judgement but for this big pharma cynic it is a worry


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