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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Killer Possum

The hens are recovering nicely from their trauma of losing Patsy Cline. They each gave me one egg today. For that I am happy.

As for me, my temperature is higher. I slept fitfully last night, up and down, on the computer. I think I went to bed for the final time around 5 am, not sure. But, I slept until 4:45. I had not fed the hens, so I gave them extra rations and left the pen open.

Last night, another nightmare started, so I jerked, awoke, and got out of bed for a bit. NO MORE of that!

I think it was a possum that killed Patsy Cline because of the head that was missing. Have you heard this? When a raccoon got a hen, the head was intact, just the chest ripped open. A few weeks ago, there was a possum crossing the street to my yard, so I know there is a possum about.

Maybe I will eat raspberries and milk again. They were from last week, but still good. I am surprised.

Your turn
Do possums bite the heads off of chickens?


  1. I've heard that possums will go after chickens. I don't know about biting their heads. I'm sorry about Patsy Cline though.
    Nightmares are horrible.

    1. Michelle,
      The raccoons always went for chest. Thanks.

  2. Possums will go after chickens. One tunneled under my coop, but my old lady chicken heard it and started to scream, which brought the dog and I out to the rescue before anyone was hurt.
    We got the chickens out of the coop and into cat carriers and I spent the next hour trying to get the possum out of the coop, but the dog wouldn't let it out. It was crazy. The next day I bought a trap, but it must've been as upset as I was because it never came back.
    I couldn't shoot it, as that would bring the police for sure. Sheesh.

    1. Patti,
      Wht a fiasco! Sounds like a crazy night. Time for silencer?

  3. Never knew anything about Possums. Dame Edna Everidge aka Barry Humphreys, aka Sir Les Patterson - an Aussie comedian - who used to call his audience 'My lovely Possums'.
    However, just having Googled it I now know that this animal is a bloody PEST, and looks quite nasty from what I can see.
    Hope things improve rapidly for you and yours.

    1. PhillipH
      Possum is not a term of endearment over here. Yes, a pest and can be dangerous if confronted. I hope so, too. Thanks.

  4. Replies
    1. Snowbrush,
      Actually, no. I suppose I am fixated on the possum. I am thinking I might have heard barking. Maybe.


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