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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Car and Candy and Cacophony

The car is repaired to the tune of $546. The guy said it was still making a noise, but he thought it would quit. There is something about air being in the rack and pinion. I was too ill to understand or question. Plus, he said he was going to replace a pump in the system but did not.

The garage sent a 21-yr-old to fetch me. No one ever needs directions because they have a GPS. Most people get lost even with a GPS. I asked him why he could not find me with his GPS. His phone was dying, so he turned it off until he could recharge it. My brain never needs recharging. I don't have to turn my brain off. I can read a paper map and follow written or spoken directions. I feel lucky not to own a GPS. I like my brain. Yes, he was lost. I had to talk him in to my house, then he passed right past me even though I was sitting in a chair in the yard. I told him exactly where I was then had to tell him he just passed me.

I commented to the kid that the steering was still stiff. He said it would get looser after awhile since it had just been fixed. "Actually, it was stiff when the power steering did not work well. Repairing it should make it looser, not stiffer." Maybe I am wrong? At any rate, he said nothing.

Halfway there, I became so ill, I had to stop and let him drive. I grabbed a plastic bag, waiting to throw up. When we arrived at  the shop, I sat in the car and threw up. I had taken an antibiotic with too little water and it hurt my stomach. That was five hours ago, and my stomach still hurts. I had also eaten spaghetti with a 5-blend cheese. Spaghetti and cheese comes up hard.

The people at the desk all stood at the back wall to avoid catching the dread throw up disease. (sarcasm) They looked ridiculous and so obvious. Yesterday, I was just as ill and they all stayed within a very close distance. I was coughing and could barely talk. Yesterday, I did tell them I had had pneumonia. They did not fear me yesterday.

So, I have my car and am in debt  $546. I can now go back to the doctor.

Today, I found Cadbury Chocolate Cream Eggs. They are rare, so I felt compelled to get them. And, they one I ate made my stomach hurt...sigh.

Today, the birds were quite a raucous crew--noisy and high-spirited. Yesterday, exbf and I could barely hear each other. The sound makes me supremely happy. You have to realize I have seven huge trees, a dozen smaller ones, all full of birds. Then, there are the neighbors' trees right next to my fences, so there is enough room for many birds. Usually, I find about two dozen nests in my trees.

Your turn
Any thoughts on the power steering? What is your favorite Easter candy? If the snow is gone in your neck of the woods, are the birds happy and noisy?


  1. I hope that you start feeling better and hopefully the car is in good working order now. Its always something.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I feel much better but weak. People who have had walking pneumonia say it takes forever to get well. The car has a warranty from the guy, so I feel confident about the repair. Thanks.

  2. I am so glad that you are finally feeling better.

    1. Ms. Sandie,
      Thanks. I am still exhausted, but everyone says that is the way this goes.

  3. In the past I had walking pneumonia twice in my life and it is a long, arduous trip to recover even once it is gone. A car is made to work the way it's supposed to work. Power steering is, and always will be, easy to drive. If it isn't, it's not because it needs broken in. If that was the case, every NEW car with power steering would have to be broken in. They didn't fix it.

    1. lotta joy,
      My lungs still have congestion, so another doctor trip is in order. The tiredness is the worst I have ever had.

      Thanks for telling me the obvious. And, I am not being sarcastic. You would think a 21-yr-old guy whose father is in the car repair business would know better. Or, maybe he has learned how to give false info to old ladies, thinking because they are old, they became suddenly stupid, forgetting everything they ever knew.

      The owner gave me a heads up on future problems, saying that if this did not fix the problem, bring it back. ??? But, it has got a 12K mile or 12 month warranty, whichever comes first.

  4. YELLOW peeps! But ONLY if they're super soft. My grandpa likes them rock hard lol.


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