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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust That Day

So, I cannot blame it all on Monday. But, it was  good story from the Mamas and Papas.

Thanks to a follower, I had KFC today. I thought the gravy had cured The Maggie May and Thelma will enjoy the breast scraps and skin in the morning. They gave me two eggs today.

Exbf came to help me today. Mainly, he drove me around.  Actually, he only drove me to WM and another grocery store and KFC. Driving me is important since I had to put my car in the garage. Power steering rack was leaking/broken. and there is some sort of pump that  is broken. So, it will cost me $546 will get the car back. Right now, I am still too ill to even think about it. Even writing this seems unreal since I have no safety net! 

I spent the weekend home because I did not want something to happen to my car on the road while I was feeling so miserable. So, exbf took me to the store. I had money for milk, but the extra KFC money allowed me to buy some "cheap" fruit.

Six ounces of blackberries were $0.88, regularly $1.49.
White grapes were $0.88/lb, regularly $1.89.
Bananas were $0.44, regularly $0.59.

Why did I not go to the doctor today? When I take Azithromax or however it is spelled, the doctor says the azith will remain in my system for a few days, and I should give it a chance. Sooo, I will just sit here--ill--and not have to hear that! Last night, I had trouble going to sleep because of the wheezing and pressure in my lungs.

It is 6 pm., hens are up for the night, and I am going to bed. I spent two hours resting this afternoon.

Just now, I knocked a container of blackberries out of the refrigerator, and they spilled on the floor. Sooo, tired as I am, I had to pick them up and rinse them in the colander. grrrr They were good.

All this, plus no water is getting to me. So, I am going to restart my gofundme water campaign when I have a rested brain.

Spring is nice today because the four or five days of rain has given way to mild temperatures and sunny skies with beautiful white clouds.

Your turn
Have you found any good prices on fruit or anything else lately? How has Monday been treating you?


  1. I slept all day. It felt good.


    1. Janie,
      I slept all day on Friday and Saturday. It does feel good.

  2. Replies
    1. M,
      I woke this noon feeling the best I have in two months! YAY

  3. Recently found fresh-laid range eggs $2.00 Gal. fresh milk w/the cream - $3.00 donation. Unending supply. Can't get any fairer than that. I love standing on my own feet, taking care of my needs, finding bargains, don't you? I can now freeze the excess of both for future use.

  4. Sissy,
    That seems like a good price for eggs a nd fresh milk. Yes, finding bargains makes it so I can eat a healthful diet. I do love my ability to freeze and dehydrate for the future.

  5. Strawberries have been running $1.29 or less at Aldi. My favorite fruit!

    1. tlc,
      They are less than that at our Aldi and, of course, I price match them. It is a favorite fruit of mine.


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