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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wanted: Mouser with Kittens

Last night, I awoke every few hours all night long, very upset and unable to sleep much. Charlie had been here and helped me as he screamed at me. Then, I screamed back. Since this is not the way my life runs, his presence, even with "help" was disruptive. At any rate, he did carry some items out of the house and cleaned my bathroom floor on hands and knees. There were things here he got in a trade for working. While he was getting things out of the room next to the kitchen (18'x20' room next to kitchen), I found one of the rats that plagued me under a table NOT in the kitchen.

Pick it up!

"Not with my bare hands!"

So, I gave him a plastic bag. While I gagged and he made a guy face, he threw it in the trash.

He got about 8 boxes out of the house, two boxes of what he wanted, one rat...quite a good deal for me.

He was yelling at me because I did not know how to use his iphone to text women he was hitting on. When you hand me something and give me no instructions, I really resent being yelled at and being called names.

After sleeping for 12 hours the night before and being yelled at, it is no wonder I could not sleep. I did dream. By the way, I can put Charlie in his place, set him straight before he next steps into the house.

"Wanted: Mouser with kittens." Yep, that was my ad in the paper or somewhere in my dream. Then, all Hell broke loose on the internet. Someone found out I was going to leave them all outdoors. Of course, the cats came from living outdoors. They weren't going to be left in a puddle in the rain and wind. I have a well-sheltered, small porch, closed in on three sides.

However, the online melee continued with people mostly from UK talking about how cruel I was. I tried to defend myself, saying barn cats live just fine without central heat. Besides, I have made cozy houses for dogs and cats, only to find the dog sleeping on top of the dog house in the snow. The cat would go under the porch and make its way to the basement.

So it went until exbf woke me unlocking the side door. He likes my dreams. Well, he enjoys hearing what happens in my sometimes-confusing unconscious.

In my dream, I was trying to solve the problem of rats and mice. Both have tried to take over. When I locked the hens up last night, they had not eaten any of their oats, now sitting in pine straw. "Oh, great. Now mice and rats will come!

In my dream I solved my problem. I cannot have a cat in the house. I cannot get a kitten and keep it outdoors. Well, I can but people take my kittens. Yes, trust me, they do. Having a mama raise her kittens is just the thing for me. In my dream I "tested" many mamas and kittens. At least in my dreams they seemed to be coming from everywhere.

I am quite sure someone will foist off a house cat with kittens. Well, it better learn to hunt. Paying for spaying and neutering will be better than entertaining and then executing rats.

I got two eggs today.

Your turn
Do you ever solve problems in your dreams? Has anyone ever berated you when "helping" you and made you so furious?


  1. I can understand wanting a mouser, but why kittens that, presumably, you can't afford to have neutered?

    1. Maybe you meant that you only ran the ad in your dream, but I couldn't tell from the post.

    2. Maybe the mama cat would wander, but with kittens she might be more likely to hang around. Of course, she might hide them elsewhere, not around my house. Hmmm, maybe the raccoon would want to eat the kittens. Maybe I should rethink the plan.

      The ad was in my dreams, but I plan to place the ad or look for someone wanting to get rid of kittens.

    3. I spent lots of money on rat and mouse poison and mouse sticky pads. I spent time and money going out late at night, gas for driving. I threw away things that were chewed or peed on. Senior citizens get a huge break for neutering and spaying and all services from vet. That figures into my plans. Thanks for asking.

  2. My dachshund mix goes after rats. He's pretty brutal....he's a good dog though. Loves to cuddle, and sleep with people.

    1. Michelle,
      A dog would work but I have no fence. There will be no cuddling with animals

  3. I would look for a mouser too. It was always my job as a kid to get the mice and snakes out of the house. I don't make girl noises but I still don't like it.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      How did that become your job? I make girl noises and am not embarrassed by that fact. I saw a dead at last year when I was near a garbage can and had a plastic bag in my hand. I let out a blood-curdling scream as I snatched it up and thrust it into the trash. Then, I ran with the trash can to the outdoor can. Whew...sat down to recover.

  4. My husband is in pest control... problem solved *wink*.

    I do have problems that I solve (or work through) in my dreams. Sleep is good for us. I should do it more often!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jennifer,
      Lucky you!

      Sleeping is amazing for so many things. It seems the new mattress after a month of sleeping on the floor and springs is so much better for dreaming.

  5. No I never solve problems in my dreams, but I'm pretty good at creating them. It's always such a relief to wake up, as reality is often so much better than my dreams.


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