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Friday, January 9, 2015

Eggs, Dreams, Covers, Plumbing, and a Deal

My computer has decided I cannot post pictures right now. Many of the buttons on Blogger won't work, so is it my computer or Blogger. Things are failing on the computer, too. It is just a big, bothersome mess. Today, I got a message that I was not using a secure server. What is that all about?

Maggie May is still giving me about 6 eggs each week. And, I dream every night after not remembering I dreamed over the last 10 years.

The new pillow is a dream to sleep on each night. My shoulders hurt less. I use the two cheap ones to block a frigid draft at the head of the bed, so I am warmer.

Last night, I wanted to feel the blue flannel sheets, so I opened the package and started unfolding the sheets. It suddenly occurred to me they, too, could keep me warm. So, I left them with two folds and put them from my waist down. They might have made me ill if I put them closer to my face because of chemicals or fuzz. THEN, I took the blanket I finally found and covered it all. I was warm within 30 seconds after I got settled in bed.

Remember, the night before I had put a coat, housecoat, and two sheets over me and the bedspread and wool blanket. So, all the above stuff went on top of this. I think my covers were about 6 inches thick last night. As I was walking around the home section in Belk's and shopping for sheets, I noticed the down comforters and wondered if those could keep me warm in this frigid, drafty house and I fantasized. 

Today, as I was outdoors in the few hours the temperatures went above 32 degrees F, I heard water in the water meter running. So, I looked in the basement. There was a steady stream of water coming through the floor under the kitchen sink. When I went in the house, there was so much water running out of the door under the sink and from under the dishwasher. I hope the dishwasher did not freeze and is leaking. The most I could do was to throw towels in the water. I went back out with a rake to turn off the water meter. I have the long key, but since the plumber thought I needed two water meters, the new one has a hand lever to turn it off.

Cleaning all the products and junk from under the sink will have to wait until Saturday. My back had had enough walking and doing things for today The soaking wet towels are in a cooking pot, the nearest thing available. Besides, the water is off and tomorrow will be much warmer. The pipes were not completely thawed, so I just wonder what else is leaking.

Tomorrow is also a day that will be filled with spending an exorbitant amount at the laundry. I had a load in when the water pipes froze, and two other loads that really needed to be done.

The deal
A pint of grape tomatoes is $.99 somewhere, maybe Aldi's. I purchased a pint, price-matched at Walmart. The same tomatoes were $2.38 at WM. I would tell you which store, but I don't want to walk to the car to get the ads. Grape tomatoes are the only tomato that tastes good in the winter.

A person can eat well by cherry-picking stores produce ads. I usually buy from ads on Wednesday and again on the next Tuesday night, almost a week later. That way, I get fresh produce for the week after the ads go off.

Your turn
How many people are dealing with frozen pipes? Frozen pipes, now thawed? Do you have a down comforter? Do you think I could harvest enough down from my hens to make my own? LOL...the hens would avoid me.


  1. You really are having an appalling run of bad luck.
    Down comforters are blissful. Much lighter than blankets and soooo cosy.

    1. EC,
      That is what I think, appalling run of bad luck. Plus, I look horrid with dirty hair flying all over, yet gunked down in several directions and no chance of getting it to do anything. I thought so about the down being incredible. I do know that cheap ones let air leak through stitching.

  2. So glad you slept warm. You have really had a tough time. Hopefully it will start to get a little easier. Take care.

    1. Patti,
      Getting into bed and being almost instantly warm was wonderful. Of couse, I have to arrange the many layers first. Only when I get the water back on will things get easier. I cannot even carry the laundry to wash it. Thanks.

  3. So sorry for all this appalling luck you're experiencing. We in England are not (yet) frozen but I remember when we first went to live in Mellerstain House in the Scottish Borders we had THE most horrendous snow, ice and freeze I can recall. Then, on the morning of New Year's Day 1995 I awoke to see some patches of green peeping through the snow-covered lawns. A THAW, at long last: HURRAH. But our joy soon turned to PANIC as we found water gushing down from the East Tower through ceiling after ceiling, drenching all the electrics on its way to the basement. I had no idea where any stop valves were located and rang my boss, the Earl of Haddington in the West Wing and he came across to help. We couldn't stop the water as it was coming from a huge storage tank in the East Tower roof space. The damage to this lovely old Georgian mansion was quite devastating but we just had to press on using many buckets to catch as much as we could from the top floor. Most of the area was suffering as well of course. It was a truly awful time and it took about six or seven months for all the repairs and re-decorations to be completed. Luckily the costs were covered by insurance of course.

    Regarding your purchase comparison W.Mart vs Aldis (probably), I was amazed to learn that Aldi's is now in America! We always get most of our shopping from Aldi or Lidl, both German companies who have caused a deal of upset for the larger outfits like Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda, the latter being an offshoot of W.Mart I think.

    Hope you soon have better luck and things get sorted quickly.

    1. PhillipH,
      Now, that is a nightmare story. When it thaws is when we always find the problems. One day, when I had no water, the lights started flickering in a storm. I hoped the electricity did not go, too. How awful for you and your house. Thanks for that story.

      I don't know how long Aldi's has been here, but it seems like a long time. Aldi's has no electric cart to ride in, so I don't go there. But, the price-matching works for me.

  4. Down comforters can be both very cozy and too hot. We have one that I use when I watch TV on the coldest nights, I know in the mid to low 50s isn't really cold but here it is.

    I would think that covering the down comforter with a sheet would trap any leaked air.

    I know this is something that you would have to have someone do for you, but have you ever considered bed curtains? I see them in all the old British shows, keeps the cold air out of the sleeping area.
    I guess if you don't have a 4 poster bed you'd have to mount them like mosquito netting is, like a tent over the bed. Actually I remember seeing a 'bed tent' being sold on the internet to give kids sharing a room some privacy.

    Hope your water situation is nothing serious and quickly resolved.
    Glad you're getting eggs so frequently, they certainly taste better than store bought and I'm sure are healthier too.

    1. Bellen,
      I have heard they can be too warm. Maybe a sheet would work. Even a flannel sheet or light blanket could help on frigid nights. It is about 10:30 am and it's 29 degrees F.

      I have always considered a four poster with curtains and a little Yep, the tent, I have planned what I could do when I get the money....for years. We are thinking alike because when I saw the little bed tents, I immediately decided I needed one to keep warm. They also advertise them for college students to keep out light and such for sleeping. Plus, some have a light for studying. I think the bed tents are a brilliant idea.

      At this point, I have no water! I had three scrambled eggs last night. They were the first three layed. I had to finish up the store-bought eggs before I started on those. They were delicious!

  5. Have you considered an electric throw? They are lovely for snuggling under in a chair or placing between two blankets on the bed. I don't know how I would have survived last winter without mine.

  6. Rachel,
    I am one of those people who believe that being that close to an electric current is dangerous. I had gotten one for my son and used it myself later on until I realized the danger. So, no, I have not even considered it at all. I am glad you like yours, though. We just won't debate the benefits or risks because we both believe what we believe. Thanks for the thought!

  7. Oh no, sounds like you are having a tough time! I'm sorry. Here in the UK the weather is cold, but no snow or ice or freezing pipes yet! But there's still time. We don't have comforters just duvets.

    1. LL,
      Yes, I cannot believe I am without water again! It's tough for me right now. I hope you don't have any freezing problems. I would not wish this on an enemy. At least before it was not freezing inside. I don't think there is much difference between a comforter and a duvet. You keep warm, too.

  8. You believe correctly. Being next to emf's is dangerous. No way you should sleep with one on top of you!

    1. Meg,
      It is one of those things people are sharply divided on the way they believe. She was being nice and helpful, so I did not want to shoot her down harshly. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  9. We sleep with a light weight down comforter year round. At one time we has a heavy weight one but it was too hot. I have a duvet cover on top. The comforter is not inserted in duvet cover so it is basically like having two sheets on top. I have it this way so that if the night is warm it is easy to turn down the spread and have fewer layers. John likes an electric blanket .....NOT ME. I will admit it does feel cozy to jump into a warm bed but I never sleep with it on. I see second hand down comforters all the time. People don't realize that they are washable and they donate them instead of sent to the dry cleaners. I take the king sized ones to the laundromat but the smaller ones can go right into my home washer.


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