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Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's Up With Patsy Cline?

She is puzzling. Does she think her life depends on laying eggs? No, it doesn't. Is she trying to keep up with Thelma and Maggie May? Who knows? Maybe.

Patsy Cline spends a lot of time on the nest. I know Thelma's egg because it is huge. Maggie May's egg is smaller than Patsy Cline's but not by much. Plus, there is a sort of pearly, translucent look to Maggie May's egg, sort of a peach under-color.

Patsy Cline  sits in the nest too much for a hen that is not laying at all. Okay, that is just my opinion. And, she is not broody. She is less than two-years old.

Exbf was changing their sleeping bed pinestraw and fluffing the laying nest. He refilled their water. He said Patsy Cline stayed in the pen the whole time, walking around and talking to him. Remember, the pen door was open. They had been fed, but the other two finished eating and left the pen.

He said that as soon as he finished with their nest and bed, Patsy Cline jumped into the laying box and sat down. We both laughed and are amused at her desire to just sit for a few minutes. It's as if she remembers sitting in the nest last year, but cannot remember what to do.

She sometimes sits on eggs, but mostly just spend ten minutes or thirty minutes on the empty next and jumps right off for food or any other distraction. Often, she just jumps up to sit with Thelma or Maggie May as one of them is laying an egg.

I think she is deliberately faking it but does not know we can count.

Your turn
Have you ever had a youngish hen just sit on the nest after the winter lull?


  1. It sounds as if you need a 'chook whisperer'...

  2. Sounds like Patsy is a bit broody. We had a silkie that didn't care about anything but sitting on eggs.

    1. Cherdo,
      She does not stay in the nest for over 30 minutes and never sits on eggs. She gladly jumps down for food or company. There were two eggs in the nest in the pen today, but she was running around outside the pen. It is a mystery. Thnks.

  3. I love reading about chickens. It will be a few years before we have our own but they seem like such interesting creatures for sure!

    1. 1st Man,
      You will absolutely love having chickens! They will keep you amused.


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