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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life Is Just Not Good Right Now

In order to make my life better, I m not going to fight my "a" key. I have to hit the a key 10 or more times to get it to type. Of course, the last sentence hd n a that worked. Both hnds feel like someone beat them, squeezed them, nd stepped on them.

My hands have never hurt from typing. Tensing the little finger, tenses my whole hand, even both hands. Sometimes I give up nd pound the key with the right hnd, nd that mkes my right hand hurt s well. I want a solution tht does not involve my taking pain meds. Severl times, I hve hit the key 20 times before it worked. That is brutal on my fingers and hands nd wrists.

My little finger hs never been able to hit the key right, not even in high school. So, I hit the letter with the side of the nil, the thing you polish on the end or the finger.. This pounding has cused a problem. First, the letter name was scrped off. Chrlie ws typing on my computer nd stopped in shock, "Where is the A key? He sid he hd never seen a key wear off. See how fickle this key is?

This continual skipping has been going on for a week. The next thing that happened was the key hd  hole in it. I have cleaned under the key, but nothing helps. Some of these words turned out correct after the computer fixed them. I am thinking about taking the key off. Tht wy when I hit the keyless spce, I cn still get  letter on the pge. In the weird words, just Add an a. Okay?

I still don't hve water, so tht is a real downer. I hve to buy wter, so this is expensive. Plus, not wanting to cook, I grab something to eat severl times ech week. My money is running out.

The plumber will not respond. So, nother plumber will be called on Monday. But, since the trench is not filled in, the wter might freeze again this winter.

My illness hs come nd gone nd gotten worse. finally I am so dizzy I bang into walls, doors nd pictures on the walls. Oky, I am going to doctor tomorrow, promise. But, I will go after I go to the church for hir wshing nd shower.

Thursdy, when exbf ws here, he hd to help me get the laundry into lundry, into mchine, out gain nd into the house. Now, I cnnot get it in the dryr. Well, I am staggering when I try to bend to get to the dryer door. I hope I m not found headfirst in the dryer.

I don't even wnt to write  blog post.

One good thing--someone nailed up the ceiling where the raccoons were breaking it down. So, now, t least I m not frightened of the mma raccoon falling in here. .

Your turn
Does anyone know what to do for  lptop key with a hole in it? Tht is my min problem tht mkes me complin bout other things. Could you red this post?


  1. i could read it! my B key behaves like that at times but i dont think it is as bad as your A

    I hope things look up for you soon!

    1. kylie,
      I think when I feel less ill, I will be able to hndle it all. You know how it is when ill, just cannot handle things. Thanks.

  2. I am so sorry. Yes, I could read it - but it is a frustration on top of other frustrations which you really, really don't need.

    1. EC,
      You re so correct, it just multiples things. Going to the doctor might help. Oh, yeah, getting color on my hair and going to doctor will help my frustrations. Thnks.

  3. Perfectly readable. How upsetting all this is for you. Surely things must soon improve for you. I do hope so, very much.

    1. PhillipH,
      Everything ws difficult enough until this lingering illness and then the a key. See, it randomly works. Getting clen body nd hair will help. Plus, I will be clen enough to go to Urgent Care. Thanks, Philip.

  4. Ug, I have said it before, if you were my mother I would not let you live like this. Nothing is going to get easier, and will only get harder for, unless your illness and pain are a temporary thing.
    I took my mother in law in thirteen years ago because she just could not take care of everything. I wish that your kids would help you

    1. wife,
      My ex told me my mother would never live with us. However, he said on another occasion that his mother would live with us no matter what I thought. He has worked to keep them under his influence. Like I said, I will start another blog about the last 50 years of his disruption of my life. I have not felt like it, but I was going to start after the first of the year.


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