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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"And, what do you call the pigmy ones?"

I sat stunned with my mouth open, puzzled as to what he referred. . Exbf and I were talking about Patsy Cline, after he had just frightened her with a load of boxes dropped out the back door. She is the smallest of the three, bought when Thelma was so depressed because she had no one. Patsy Cline never grew any after we paid a king's ransom for her.

"Banties?" he guessed.

He made me laugh hard for a long time. Every so often, I have to chuckle. pigmy

444 and anyone else, I cannot reply to comments. I will when I get access to commenting returned to me by whomever took it. grrr

Your turn
Does anyone ever refer to your animals by a strange or just plain wrong term?


  1. As far as my partner is concerned any small horse (including foals and fillies) is a pony.
    I do like pygmy chickens though.

    1. EC,
      "Pony" works for I only know horses (big ones) and ponies (little ones."

  2. Yes, we call our dog a poodle even though he's the opposite of a poodle. He's a feist. Do you have feists down there? I believe your area is the prime origin spot for feist dogs (that and South Carolina - all over the southeast, more so toward the mountains.) We call him a "Snickerdoodle Poodle," shortened to "Poodle," although all of his relatives would doubtless be insulted and take exception to that off-base misnomer.

  3. 444,
    I have head of feists. Yes, I looked at pictures just now. Those dogs are not alike at all...funny.

  4. We called our dog Jessie, Puker Von Sh**s. She had issues.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      "Issues" such as these and my allegies are why I don't have dogs in the house.


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