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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Better

I am not getting better as swiftly as I think I should. Last night, I went to bed at 11 pm. Charlie made the mistake of calling me as I tried to climb into bed. I was snappy and whiny. When I got into the bed, I was asleep within thirty seconds. Of course, it take me two minutes of wiggling around to get the covers like I want them, to get the pillow adjusted, and to get the little blanket over my head just right. The thirty seconds starts once everything is just right. Then, I slept 12 solid hours, not counting twice I got up during the night for the trip to bathroom.

The hens gave me one egg today. Of course, their water ran dry yesterday because exbf did not give them fresh water last week. Now, they are hydrated and have plenty of water, so egg production should surge ahead.

My sinuses feel like someone is standing on my face and my throat hurts in a new place. I still have dizzy spells. Ugh!

There are lots of specials for the week, all of which are price-matched at Walmart. Since I have plenty of everything else, I can focus on the fruits and vegetables and Kraft Cheese deals. I will put those in another post.

Today, the temperature was 66 F, and will drop 30 degrees tonight. How is it where you are, and give your location, vaguely, if you will. The daffodils have been popping out of the ground for three weeks. Yay!

I just now got a little popup notice that blogger wants to track my location. ??? I said NO. What's with this? And, I still cannot post pictures. Wonder why?

Your turn
What is the weather like in your area? Can you include your area? Why would blogger want to track me?


  1. Since I live just a hop and a skip from you the weather is pretty much the same. Wasn't today incredible? Makes me feel guilty for enjoying it while others are buried in snow.

  2. Anne,
    Most of the time our weather will be the No, I did not feel one bit guilty!

  3. There are hints over here (eastern Oz) that Autumn is thinking about making her slow way in. Yay. She will be very, very welcome.

    1. And, I am looking forward to warm weather! We will both get our way in time. In the meantime, the freezes are still bound to come. At least it is just three hours or so during the night. Tonight, the winds are terrific. I just hope branches don't fall on my car.

  4. Here on the east coast of England we've had some flurries of snow but nothing much to worry about at the moment. Very, very cold at night and thick frost makes things a tad tricky early on in the day. We have been exceptionally lucky so far this winter as compared to when we lived in Scotland. WOW, when it snows there it really does not mess around with silly little floaty stuff.

    One year, probably seven or eight years ago, we were totally cut off for almost five days because of massive snowfall and drifts. No electricity at all (and we were dependent on that for cooking and heating) so we simply had to survive on coal/log fire in the sitting room, trying to cook stuff in a frypan on the open fire. We used a small gaz camping stove to make tea and coffee so we just had to make the best of it. Bliss! The lights came on again in Mellerstain Village and one of the nearby roads was plowed thru as well. Some nearby farmsteads had to have water delivered by helicopter as their private water supply, via electric pumps, were out of action for almost five days.

    Ah, good old bad old days in bonny Scotland. Wonderful country and our home for some twenty years, but their winters can be VERY hard; and they're having it rough at the moment but not as bad as earlier winters.

    Glad you had a decent sleep. Makes all the difference. I'm lucky if I get five or six hours a night and then it's not a continuous kip!

  5. PhilipH,
    That was n interesting story. Once, I was snowed in for seven days, but I had all utilities. However, friends outside town had to survive with no heat, or electricity. It was still brutally cold in my house. I don't what I would do with no utilities at all. Thanks.

    Glad you made it through.


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