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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rod McKuen Died

McKuen is one of my favorite poets and songwriters. Long before he disclosed he was molested, I just knew it as I read his writings and poems.

"We had joy;
we had fun;
we had seasons in the sun..."

My son was only three and loved this line from our favorite song. We sang lots in the car.

Before I knew Mckuen had a cat named Sloopy, I had  black cat named Sloopy.

Your turn
Did Mckuen's songs move you? Did you buy his poetry Listen to the Warm?


  1. My sister-in-law gave me a book of his poetry. I haven't heard anything about him in years and didn't know he'd had such a terrible experience.


    1. Janie,
      I had two books that my ex got me for birthday, at my request. I got rid of both because I never wanted to be reminded. I don't know how I knew of the molestation and abuse, but I just did.

  2. Sad news. Rod was one of THE most prolific writers of poetry and musical lyrics of his time. He wrote one of my favourite songs, "If You Go Away" recorded by many top singers, such as Dusty Springfield, (my favourite version), Shirley Bassey and others. Rod used the original Jacques Brel song, "Ne Me Quitte Pas" sung so deeply emotionally by Brel, and created the English version.

    Rod's left this cruel world. If there IS a Heaven then he'll soon be writing more poems and songs. Life goes on...

  3. The list of people who used his songs is extensive, so beautiful. He had a way with phrasing. I am glad you appreciate him, too.

  4. Oh, I loved him! My favorite was "If You Go Away."


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