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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sheets and Stuff

For my bed

Someone sent me enough on a Belk card to go shopping for sheets at Belk's. Everything I bought was half price. In the picture on a display bed are my bed things: blue flannel set of sheets, white set of sheets, 2 blue pillowcases in a deeper blue, a pillow, and a Godiva truffle  bar--dark chocolate and raspberry.  I still need the mattress pad. I cannot wait to get the flannel sheets on the bed!

Another friend sent me a white twin sheet set, so I have plenty of sheets now. Thanks, two friends!

It must have been 15 years since I have had new sheets. If it had not been for changing from a king to twin bed, I would still be using them.

When the pipes thaw, I can wash them! When the pipes thaw, my washer may be ruined!

Well, I just spilled chocolate milk on my computer.

Wednesday night, I thought I would die from the cold. I have lots of blankets, but where? I wore a hooded jacket and scarf to bed and wore the hood up. Finally, I got up and put a long, lush bathrobe on the bed, a jacket, and other things. Then, I got two old stained paint  sheets and put over me those. That was so warm. I got about three hours sleep before exbf arrived this morning. Tonight, I have more blankets because I finally remembered where I stored them. Since I do not have my whole house, things are hard to find because they are not where I stored them for years.

Drinking chocolate milk made me shiver. Maybe I should go to bed?

The soup I was going to make for dinner tonight in the crock pot is still going. So, I have dinner for exbf and I next Tuesday when he comes here to help me.

Oh, I forgot about this afternoon. I was going out of town for two mystery shops. The coolant light flashed and frightened me. So, I had to go see about that. We spent so much time waiting and then going  back home to make sure I unplugged the space heater. Finally, I had no more time to do the mystery shops. I had two in one direction and could not make two in the time left. So, we went to the one shop...oh my gosh. I still have to turn in the work online. Gotta go.

Your turn
Have you ever had one thing after another happen? Things that cost big money? Cause stress? Is anyone as cold as I? How long has it been since you bought sheets?


  1. I love that people reached out to you and you have some new sheets. Yay.

    1. EC,
      I wouild not have minded thrifted sheets, but I hurt too much to even get to sheets in our thrift store. Plus, they go fast. I had bought a WM pillow that was so annoying. This pillow gave me the best sleep.

  2. In regards to your questions "Have you ever had one thing after another happen? Things that cost big money? Cause stress?" Yep. 2014 brought me almost $2k in dental bills and $2k in car repairs. I've been more chilly than usual at home. We're renovating the bathroom so there's lots of traffic coming & going and openings in the floor to the basement (letting in cold air). I think the last time I bought new sheets was around 2010 when I bought my king sized bed.

  3. I think if you have lived long enough you have experienced a string of unexpected, and costly bad fortune. We are smart enough to buy every house we ever lived in right BEFORE they needed new roofs, ac units, hot water heaters, or whatever else can go wrong and costs a lot. I figure we have one move left in us, but we will be seriously downsizing and hopefully will either buy AFTER the big expenses have been replaced or remember to negotiate it into the buying price.

    I bought a set of sheets a few years ago when we were at the beach. The condo has sheets that are very rough and I have very sensitive skin. (My sister calls me a delusional princess and the pea) So rather than bitch about the sheets all week I bought a set at Target, washed them and put them on the bed. Naturally before we left I took them off and brought them home. Now each time we go to Florida I pack them in the condo bag. (I was secretly excited because I only had one set of sheets for our bed at home and now I have 2)

  4. Anne,
    Yes, I have had things happen one after another, but I can honestly says this is the first time and I hope only time I have had such really unexpected and costly problems. From houses I did learn one more thing to look for. Now, I fill every tub and sink and see how long it takes for them to drain.

    I am the princess and pea of socks and shoes with sensitive feet. I just hate having only one set of sheets. I do not want to have to wait to put the bed together. Usually, it gets late and I am putting them on at bedtime!

    I cannot wait to get these on the bed. The flannel will be so warm. However, I am without water once again.

  5. Life may just be one problem after another. Chin up. We will get through it.

  6. Oh no! This must be a very cold time for you. I felt this way over the last month or so after my car needed tires, then the exhaust, then the dryer died and I was always wondering what would be next! I am so relieved I finally found work so we'll have less dread of appliance/car/structural disaster!

    Please stay warm! This is the time it helps to have a big dog...

    1. Alex,
      Thankfully, the car is okay. But, that is a stressful time, having car trouble over and over. Yay for the job and less stress over disasters.

      I know why they call it a three dog night! If I weren't allergic to dogs....

  7. Yay for new sheets! I love new bedding, and what sweet friends you have :)

    1. Mystic Mud,
      Yes, I do have nice internet friends! Monday, I will get the mattress cover and wash the sheets tonight so I can assemble my bed.


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