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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Online Site to Sell Your Clothes

This seems like an interesting place to sell your used clothing or buy upscale items. Go to ThredUP for more information. No, I don't think it is consignment like I stated in the title.

The first page could not be pasted. So, I posted the second page.

If you find or see anything objectionable, let me know. It seems on the up and up.

Your turn
Have you ever seen thredUP? Used it? Do you know of any other sites to sell or buy consignment clothing other than eBay?


  1. I love anything that saves money and the environment. I'm a goodwill shopper. I'm a little worried though. There is a for sale sign in front of our local goodwill. I hope they are just moving to a bigger building. I would miss them if they closed. But they are always so busy I don't see how that is the case.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Our local SA shut down, but they thought vases with Dollar Tree tag on bottom were worth $3. And, worn out clothing were more expensive than WM. Another thrift store associated with addicts rehab moved in with better prices, lighting, and choice. So SA left town.

    2. I hope your GW does not leave. I would have to ask if they were just changing locations or leaving town.

  2. Why are you trying to get me to sell my clothes? Do you just want to see me naked?


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