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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Dear Linda,

  Thanks for your reply and i am so happy now that we have been corresponding true this means from time to time and i am always happy every time that i hear from you.I hope you are really having a very nice time in everything you engaged in my dear both your work and everything babe. Right now my dear,i am feeling so special meeting a very special dedicating caring heart woman like you and i am ready to do anything to make you happy in as much as you always promise to do just the same for me my dear..Everything you write me is great and i have them save in my memory that is why we have to keep doing this to know each other enough better...
XXXXX name redacted

YUPPERS,  now how much money does he want to  send to make him happy? Did he ever pick the wrong woman to give him money or things!?!?

Catfishing is romancing a woman online to get money or very nice gifts from her. Yes, it can be a woman doing the damage.

This is about our fourth exchange of really shallow emails.

Your turn
Have you ever met someone on a dating/online site who tried to romance you to scam you? I was skeptical from the first email. I am just going along to see how far this will go and if he follows the pattern of catfishing.


  1. You obviously like playing with fire! Be careful!

    1. This is probably some 400 lb., unshaven, sweaty guy in his underwear, sitting in an internet café in Nigeria. Plus, he is working for someone else when writing me and two dozen other women. He forgets what he has said to me.

  2. Haven't, wouldn't. Almost every week in our local paper is an article about someone, usually older than 60, being scammed. Police always issue a warning - don't become involved with someone on-line, don't give them personal info, etc, etc. I know you'll heed the warnings but please be safe as you give a lot of personal info on your blog.

    1. Bellen,
      Thanks for your concern. The second email, he wanted to know my mother's name. Of course, he shared his mother's name and said she was dead. I would give you my mother's name, but not him. Maybe he will never find my blog. They prey on older, lonely women. When I get that lonely, I will just let a chicken snuggle up to me. The don't have opposable thumbs, so they still depend solely on me.

      I am not gullible!

      Oh, I date men all the time that I meet online. I have been friends with Charlie and Johan for at least 11 years. That is where I met exbf and the guy I am hopelessly in love with.

      I even met two women when I was on They came to the female side and asked where all the men were. We also discussed the bad guys on there. Long ago, a person could see and talk to women and men without declaring you were gay, which neither of the women or I were.

      I keep a posse online and inform any guy that four people have emails or voice mails from me that tell them exactly who I am with and how to find him. No one that I have met has ever gotten out of line.

      Thanks for worrying.

  3. Someone asking for your mother's name is possibly trying to get into financial records that have your mother's maiden name as security.

    1. Exactly! Just what I thought, Patti! Now, I no longer let people know my mother's name, father's middle name, and all the things used for security.

  4. Wow, that's unnerving. You forgot to add that he probably lives on someone's basement,lol. Have a good evening!

    1. Michelle,
      LOL...probably. Thank you.

  5. Ack. That would just freak me out. I would hit delete so fast the key board rattled.

  6. i like your attitude!
    i'm in a few facebook groups for birth workers and quite regularly someone will post about an odd sounding email inquiry and ask if they should reply.
    my answer is always the same, it could be a genuine inquiry, it costs just a few minutes to reply, they cant scam you if you dont give them important information.

    having said all that your romeo isnt really very smooth, i dont know how people manage to fall for that stuff when it is so very incompetent

  7. kylie,
    Thanks! I knew from his first contact with me that something was off. So, I just keep doing the least I can to keep him revealing himself. This last one was prelude to his asking me for money or a laptop.

    Tipoff " i am ready to do anything to make you happy in as much as you always promise to do just the same for me my dear."

    Not smooth--born in Finland. technique--soon he will say he loves me.

  8. I define catfishing as someone trying to start a relationship with another person using a false online persona. Ever seen the movie Catfish or spinoff TV show? It's pretty wild.

    I actually met my boyfriend online :) Not gonna lie, I "Googled" him before we met (he knows that too lol). His story checked out, so I felt safe meeting him in a public place (multiple people knew where I was going).

    1. Tht is the definition, but add romance and trying to get money.

      I also check people out online and tell them I did. If I decide to get in the car with someone, I ask to see their driver's license and call someone and read the license to someone or an answering machine.

  9. Replies
    1. Cherdo,
      You know I cannot I intend to never meet him because he is fake. He is most likely not on this continent.

  10. Believe it or not but I know THREE smart women who actually fell for this type of scam. One of these women actually send large amounts of money to the "love of her life". She was in the service as a language specialist (or something like that) She is college educated, speaks several languages fact is a French teacher! She had a Fulbright scholarship and still she fell for the scam. Do you know why? Because she was LONELY!

    I know you well enough to know that you are NOT going to fall for a line of BS! I think that these days on line is the way people meet. I know you are careful.

    I think I would also play along just to see how ridiculous the questioning and grammar gets!

    1. Janet,
      I know two educated women whose husbands had died. They were lonely, too.

      Now, I'm lonely, too. But, I am not gullible.

      I am playing along to see if he does what the scammers do and to see how ridiculous it gets. Oh, but he will turn out to be a wealthy foreigner who has troubles and just needs a bit of financial help until his fortune is available or something like that.

      I will keep you all posted.

  11. In reading his message I could only think "English is NOT his first language". Be careful but have fun messing with him.


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