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Monday, January 26, 2015

Awful Dreams, Eggs, Weather, Doctor

Okay, no pictures nd no "A," so deal with it. That letter does not work most of the time. I had to force the first one in this post.

When I went to bed last night, I hd only tken one melatonin. Obviously, I do need more thn one. Occassionlly, I try to cut back. But, one more melatonin did the trick lst night. Finlly, I got to sleep somewhere round five or six this morning fter trying to fall asleep after multiple bathroom trips. In the meantime...


Somehow, I had  little rock,  a pebble. I noticed it seemed larger but could not be sure. I sat here in my chir nd noticed tht it was the size of  baseball. Everything in my house was getting larger.

(Let's stop. I have been looking at  heart-shaped rock a little girl gve me. Plus, I see the commercials about the mn nd the one about the woman in n ad for head congestion. AND, parts/bords of my house keep falling off. )

Soon, The expnding furniture nd the now boulder-sized impediment were alarming. So, I shoved it to the kitchen, nd suddenly it magically was golf ball sized. I ws relieved but the furniture ws still lrge. I went through and climbed around to the door and threw the rock outside.

Tht rock exploded, frightening me. Well, was it a board falling off my house, or was it the stupid rock? I hd just thrown the rock out the door, so I dodged back inside. The furniture was slowing getting back to the right size.

Sometimes, there was someone else in the room with me, but that person came nd went somehow. Once, it ws exbf. This dream went on and on.


There ws one huge egg in the nest, Thelma's, I suppose. My giant Maggie May needs to step up her production and give me some large ones. Late in the day, I found another, so that makes two eggs for today.

Since exbf was here on Thursday, I have finally, tody, gotten the two lods of clothes dried. Well, one load would be two in my washing machine. I felt horrible on the day that is was high 60s. So, today since it is 37 degrees F with a brisk breeze, I hung out socks and panties. Then, I took a box out of the car. It took many minutes to get the cold out of my fingertips once I came in. At tht point, I finally turned on the heat.

The rest of the week should be in mid 50s F for day nd low 30s at night and few sprinkles two days. It is now still dylight after 5:30.

After staggering around for a few days, I finlly went to the doctor yesterday. I hd put color on my hair nd hd  shower at the church yesterday, so I did nd not look and feel so grungy to see him. The doctor gve me cortisone and clindamycin (sp?) nd  Zpac. The pharmacy closed ten minutes earlier. So, I need to mke  another trip to the pharmacy in just a few minutes.

So, I feel better but that may be the hir washing/color, shower rather thn meds. Remember, this hs been going on for about  month.

Right now, my whole face hurts, but that is probably from hnging out clothes in a frigid, stiff  breeze.

Your turn
Are you able to figure out why you dream nd what you see everyday that triggers a dream? Have your hens started laying with the longer hours of sunshine? Are you snowed in? Has  lingering, not-so-bad illness finlly drove you to the doctor?


  1. I hope the meds kick in and you feel better. Soon. And of course the hair washing etc helped.

    1. EC,
      Finally, I got the pills. I m still very dizzy. Still taking the otc stuff. I went to WM this morning to pick of meds. The line was too long since I had something to do. I went back early, but had only enough to get meds. I needed milk, plastic spoons nd personl items. Plus, something happened to checkbook. Sooo, I had to go home and find checkbook. I was exhausted after those thee trips.

      Washing my hair was a highlight this week.

  2. Dream sounds like things are looking too big for you right now

  3. wife,
    Tht boulder in the house and huge furniture were definitely from my Thanks for the perspective.


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