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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Eggs and a Million Dreams

Wednesday morning when I went out to feed my hens, they were eager. Thelma was in the nest. She didn't jump right down for food. So, I looked under her and saw nothing at all. Later, I went to the mailbox and was taking a picture and getting mail. The hens were in front of the house, but they soon ran to me.

I needed to take  a picture of my broken swing. They ran right along with me to the far side of the house. While I was out that way, I found two eggs in the nest. Yay! Thelma came through. In a month she will be 6 years old.

When I left the house, went to mailbox and then to swing and came in, I had completely circled the house. They were about ten feet from where they started. As I approached the steps, they kept coming and were soon right at the door as I tried to get in the door. They beg so prettily. So, they were rewarded with cracked corn.

I dreamed that I was dreaming and had a discussion with someone in the dream. Am I dreaming I am dreaming? Or, am I dreaming that I am  dreaming that I am dreaming. We had a really good conversation. I wonder if I were talking to Descartes.

Your turn
Do your chickens beg prettily and convince you to feed them even when they just want a snack and there is a yard full of bugs and green stuff to eat? Do your other animals have a way of begging that melts your heart?

Do your dreams become philosophical discussions in your dream? Does a dualism exist in your dreams?


  1. The cats do (sometimes) beg prettily. And more often insistently.
    What dreams I have (or remember) as almost always conversations. No images, just voices.

  2. EC,
    And, your cats have you wrapped around their little fingers, I Interesting that you only have voice dreams. I never heard about that kind of dream, but this might be common. Thanks for that information.

  3. What's the typical life span of a chicken? How long can they continue to lay eggs? Dreams can be so strange. Recently I dreamed someone was in bed with me. I was talking to him. I even reached out and touched him. I think he was an extra pillow. I felt quite disturbed when I awoke.


    1. Janie,
      you can find different answers to that--3-5, 8-10, 25 years. Since predators take many chickens, it is hard to say. Of the original four I kept, Chessie was taken by a raccoon; Louise was sick, and I had her killed; and Fancy, my favorite, died a traumatic death right in front of me.

      That would be a disturbing dream, sort of like a dream-lover which is really pillow. A pillow would be better than a man.

  4. I love dreaming. When I was a kid, I had a recurring nightmare that a tornado was chasing/talking to me (I was 5 lol). After experiencing a microburst in my hometown, I'm no longer fearful of storms. In fact, I love them. After Mom died, I dreamt of her. She answered questions I had, & I took her to say goodbye to my dad. I've let go of bad people in my life via my dreams (i.e. my ex). But most interesting to me is sometimes I know I'm dreaming. Say I'm falling. I just tell myself 'Go ahead and fall, you'll wake up when you hit the bottom.'

  5. TLC,
    When you know you are dreaming, that is lucid dreaming. Descartes Descartes described that but did not name it.

    It is interesting you can solve relationship problems in your dreams. Do you know you are dreaming then?

    Did you ever see the Wizard of Oz?

    Thanks for that interesting insight.

    1. I didn't really solve relationships "problems" persay, but my dreams have provided insight that makes it easier to move on. For example, I once dreamt my ex was temporarily living with me & wanted me back. I kicked his arse to the curb and told him I wouldn't let him ruin my life anymore than he already had. Granted, none of that happened in real life. In fact, we haven't spoken since October 2012 when I told him to NEVER contact me again. It may not mean anything, but to me.. it feels like I've totally let go.

      Yep, I've seen the movie many times.

    2. Problems meant lack of closure more than what to do next.

  6. I only have a dog and we all know there is nothing better at begging than a dog.

    My dreams seem to be in either of 2 camps. I am either enjoying some fanciful dream or coping with a struggle dream.

    The benefit of having a small bladder is dreaming. Because I wake in the middle of the night I generally remember 2 each night. Here is a summary of last night's dreamworld
    Dream 1: I am somewhere at a shore with a carnival set up at the edge of the water. I think we are on vacation and have met some people staying at the same hotel. They ask us to join them for dinner and we accept, but it is the craziest food I have ever seen. The main dish is some sort of spaghetti pie with mint chocolate cupcakes cooked into it. We sit at their table and everyone but us digs in with their hands. I look for some plates and utensils and find 2 china plates and forks. We each try a bite and it was neither good nor bad, but it was minty. Then I had to asked to be excused to go to the restroom. (Seems that incorporates into every dream in the middle of the night)

    Dream2: Wherever I am it is in a dark interior. I think I am a servant of some sort but am not exactly sure, since I seem to be able to go to and fro. Someone tells me I have to protect the straw man ( I think this is a code name for someone but I am not sure) I have to go through a series of deceptions to keep this guy alive, including delivering antidotes and medicines on the sly. No matter how diligent I was whoever/whatever causing the malice was always one step ahead of me. Then I woke up.

    1. Anne,
      Those are detail-filled dreams! You stay busy all Thanks for the dream stories. I woke four times last night and cannot remember my dreams today, but I was exhausted when I went to bed.

      Dogs are cute beggars and never give up.


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