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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Using the Crockpot

carrots in chicken broth, waiting for potatoes

Even though I had planned a really cheap roast meal from about six tiny reduced steaks, I ended up using a thawed, free chicken. Since I was and am still ill, this worked out fine. The chicken cooked in the crockpot for 16 hours. I just did not feel like taking it out after 12 hours when I awoke. The breast were huge, so there are six meals there, including a sandwich or two. Exbf's thighs and legs will yield him two or four meals, so that's his call. I think 8-10 meals free is a great deal.

I got the chicken out, but not the other bits and pieces of meat that fell off. I broke the bones and put a quart of water in the crockpot. From the Aldi price of 16 oz of baby carrots for $.0.49, I dumped these cheap carrots, the whole bag, into the crockpot. The potatoes I bought for $1.20 for 5 pounds last week will go in there too. There aren't five pounds left because I have used from them twice.
about three pounds to go in with skins minus eyes

The potatoes will be tasty from the chicken broth that was seasoned with Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper, liberally sprinkled and a yellow onion. If I had celery and green bell pepper, those would have been added.

I will eat some of these potatoes with plain Greek yogurt. It's almost like having sour cream minus the calories.

There are turnip greens in the refrigerator, just waiting for this meal. Tonight, I will go to Walmart for another price match on the carrots. I don't feel like dehydrating them since they would have to be cut into medallions or strips.

I am no longer contagious, so none of this food will spread strep. No worry.

Your turn
What can I do with carrots right now? At $0.49 cents for 16 oz., I hate to leave them behind. I don't want to cook them, and don't feel like shredding or slicing. The sales goes off tonight.


  1. My mother used to boil carrots to death, and then boil them some more. So I only eat them raw (or in carrot cake) and am no use to you.
    Your crockpot dinner looks like a real winner. My partner would love it - though I think he would get through it quicker than you.
    Potatoes and yoghurt? Yum. And some onion fried if I am energetic.

  2. EC,
    I do make sure carrots I cook have no crunch whatsoever! I cannot swallow a raw carrot. It just swells and get bigger in my mouth. I have really tried. I can eat shreds of raw carrot on greens salads, in tuna salad or with something. but, only shredded or the matchstick size. I can eat the matchstick size if I can dip it in dressing.

    I am glad to have this much to cook at once and save cooking for a few days. I could sit down and enjoy both those breasts in one or two meals. But, I won't.

    The fried onion on the potato and yogurt? Hey, let's put some bacon and cheese in there, Anything more than the yogurt on the cooked potato just sounds like work, unless you do it and invite me


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