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Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring: part 2

I love the sentiment

This is a picture rich post. Almost all these plants coming up are from 30 years past or gotten on sale or for free last year.

Red hosta?

I wish I remembered what color!

more iris, I guess

hosta to the back

I scraped back the leaves and found these tendrils growing sort of in the center. Last fall, I was planting to things two in a pot when I got desperate. So, I am not sure what this will be. I hope it is not a weed since I will lovingly care for it. Yes, Coffeypot, I may be watering weeds.
hosta at 2o'clock and a mystery plant
Can you see how the plant died back? 

antique planter, destroyed
I bartered with someone for yard work, specifically clearing out a jungle that has encroached from the back neighbor's yard. Dragging a small tree with a spread of 15 feet through a passage that is about 12 feet wide is a recipe for disaster. Charlie does not respond when he wants to just do what he wants to do, damn the consequences. The USA pot had the whole bottom broken off on one side.
He got his full value. I had my value reduced because of his not caring. He does NOT allow destruction in his yard. Urge to kill wells up!
It would not be the South without fireants. This is about one fifth of what I can see. I imagine the rocks protect a much larger nest. When we lived in Jackson, MS in the 1950s, banks along the sides of the roads would have fireant colonies that were 10 feet long and extended up the banks for five feet. This was not unusual at all.
Okay, I am tired and need food. I will be back with maybe more interesting pictures.
No proofing here!
Your turn
Are you as happy with bulbs and plants that return as I am? There are only a few annuals that I will buy. Do you try to get iris bulbs from friends who have the colors you don't?


  1. I am hoping my bulbs all made it through the winter since the squirells were digging them up and I know I lost at least one mum. I love lowes for plants since they always have ones that look dead for 1.00 but come back looking great the next year

    1. j,
      I buy them and can sometimes revive them in two weeks with luck and Miracle Gro fertilizer. But, some, like you say, look great the next year. It's best to buy things they don't like. Of course, who knows until they eat

  2. I love perennial plants and bulbs. And swap to get colours I don't have.
    A plumbing debacle destroyed two garden beds and rather a lot of plants last year and I have weakened and bought more bulbs. Rather a lot more bulbs.
    Much weeding and preparation has started for what I hope will be a spectacular spring display.

    1. EC,
      I hope your garden rallies this year and looks spectacular for Spring. I hope you will post pictures.

  3. I just bought my first bulbs...sorry to say the HUBBY don't care for them. So I am going to start them in a vase with pebbles and water. And go from there.

    1. Cherie,
      Bulbs are easy to plant since they don't demand a huge hole. Maybe they will be beautiful and he will see how much you love them! Good luck.

    2. All you have shown is just weeds to me. Now the fire ants are another story. I enjoy watching them (at a distance.) They are amazing creatures.

    3. Coffeypot,
      LOL...Weeds? Aaack! Noooo! Maybe later you will appreciate them. Today, I kill fire ants. Once they bit me from my toes to my panties, whole leg and up to the knee on the other. I keep my distance, too. I would let you get close enough to kill them. They frighten me.


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