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Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am getting uppity

Sort of like the one I wanted in Lowe's

Yes, it is true. Ask the guy at Lowe's.

I went into Lowe's and there was a guy just sitting on the only electric cart of two they have. His cane was in the cart.  I just looked at him for a second, trying to figure out what he was doing. Maybe he was getting up to leave. Finally, I nicely asked him, "Are you just sitting there, or are you going to use the cart?"

Sometimes, people just use the carts to sit at the door and wait on someone.  They always get up when they realize I need the cart.

He became belligerent immediately. "Yes, I am just sitting on the cart. And, I am waiting on it to recharge so I can use this cart." I needed one thing in the whole damn store, and he is incubating the cart.

"Well, can I use the cart for a bit and you can sit on it all you want when I am through?" I knew this was a ridiculous request, but those carts may just creep around, and some days I don't need a full charge to do my business. He got nasty first--my defense.

"NO, I have this cart. When I am through, you can have it. "  A$$hole. He had loudly and firmly claimed the cart, a fact that I could use later.

So, holding onto a railing thing, I turned toward the automatic door opening behind me. Aha. Here came a lady on the other cart. "If you are through with that cart, may I have it."

She kept coming and said, "No, I am bringing it to a guy that does not have his cane." Her words caught in her throat as she saw the guy incubating the electric cart.

"Well, he has one so I will need this one." She hesitated as she just stared at him with her mouth open.

"Yes, I am waiting on that cart because it works."  Boy, he has his nerve!

I interrupted what he was trying to say next. "No, you made it very clear you have that cart and I could not have it until you got through." He started to talk. "No way. You don't get to claim both carts and take your pick. Don't even try it. I am getting this cart." I turned to her and glared with a "get off the cart attitude" as I plopped my purse and whatever else I had in the basket of the cart she was on. She looked confused and got off.

I claimed a cart with full power and zoomed off with my hair flying. Okay, it didn't really fly out behind me, but it sure felt like it. Triumph! The rebel on a motorcycle.

That woman was actually going to give him the cart when he was sitting on another!

Believe me, there would have been me screaming at them if he and she had tried what they planned. I would be so loud. You may not believe it, but I would make a scene like you have never seen over that cart. I would have thrown myself into the basket and hung on for dear life as he made sharp turns to shake me Okay, I have a rich fantasy life.

There has not been anything in a long time that made me irate, and more so after it was over and I got home. Did I look like someone he could run roughshod over? Did he think his argument was compelling enough that I would forget his declaration of "ownership" of the dead cart?

Seriously, I would not have let go of the cart and stood in front of it. You cannot just make a choice and claim something when I see it. I do hope I see him again. I will recognize him!

Your turn
Would you have claimed the second, running cart or let the guy have his way? Have you run into anyone like this?


  1. What a complete an utter oxygen thief. And he damn well did have his cane.
    It would have made me furious too, but I think I would have backed down. A mistake.
    I love that you didn't.

  2. EC,
    I think being an old lady makes us just stick up for ourselves when we would have been more of a pushover earlier in life. Or, something like that.

    Oxygen thief--perfect.

  3. "the guy incubating the electric cart." What a wonderfully descriptive phrase! I love it!

    1. Janet,
      Really, he looked like a mother hen, just keeping it warm.

  4. What a dick. I cant believe the lady was going to give it to him. Some people.

    1. Michelle,
      Well, she was confused, too. But, she was going to let him have his way. She was more afraid of me than she was of him. I was holding onto the and very close. He was back in a little alcove and only had to worry about a frontal assault and he had a cane.

  5. I wish I hadn't been at Walmart with my husband last week. I felt my anger rising, and Joe is a dove kinda guy. I kept seeing this youngish (younger than me) man riding his cart around, but there was something very FLEXIBLE about the way he moved.

    Then he pulled up to a checkout next to us and scooted around, pulling out his wallet.

    I poked Joe and said "Look."

    Of course he said "WHAT?" Which made me say "LOOK!"

    Joe still didn't figure it out, (YOU would have) and I was determined to follow this a$$hole to the parking lot, but joe"now don't make a scene".

    As soon as that shiftless piece of crap started looking around nervously, I KNEW he was going to leave the cart in the parking lot and TROT to his hooptie car. He did. I didn't get to have a fit. And Joe still couldn't figure out what had made me mad.

    Start carrying a cane. Not to help you walk, but for defense.

    1. Lotta joy,
      Employees at WM get upset because I can actually walk. He trotted to his car? He was probably shoplifting. Could you hit him with a bullet as he trotted?

      I was on crutches about 20 years ago. A woman actually pushed me while I was in line, shoving me aside so she could get past me. I staggered about a bit for real and continued to stagger and wave one crutch until I whacked her in the back. Then, I regained my balance.

      I do have a cane in the car that I should

  6. I think I would have gone on in and asked for a supervisor to straighten out the cart situation. Sometimes it's good to turn a problem into someone else's problem -- especially when people get paid to take care of it.


    1. Janie,
      I was right inside of the door, within 20 feet of the customer service desk. If I left for a second, the guy would have done as he pleased. It would have been very difficult to get the cart back.

    2. If you were that close, then they should have been monitoring the situation, but, of course, they can't be bothered.

    3. Janie,
      There was nothing to monitor since I had not gotten loud yet. lol We were just three old people talking at the carts unless you were standing less than 6' from us. In this town people don't have to monitor everyone all the time, waiting for something to break out. There was only one person at the customer service desk and not many people in the store. I ended it assertively.


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