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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Half of My Half-done Day is Done

two half-done projects
Did I tell you? I had two lamps break within two days of each other. I cannot afford lamp repair or new lamps. I don't know anyone who would rewire lamps for me for free. (Do NOT tell me how easy it is. I put in a 220 outlet in the wall and put an element into the oven.) Both lamps were in the den/living room, and I needed them to see! The first quit with a loud pop and flash of light. Two days later, the second lamp switch kept turning and the bulb burned out but not so spectacularly as the first lamp did.
Above, I have assembled my items needed to complete the two projects. The planting bulb story will wait until another day. For the lamp project: lamp, steel wool, painter's tape, rag for wiping.  I could not find a paint I liked.
This lamp was one I acquired when I covered lamp shades. I could buy a $1 lamp and sell it with the shade faster than I could sell a lone shade. So, this has been in the basement for 20+ years. Several months ago, exbf asked if he could use one of the lamps from my basement since his quit working. So, he brought two up and preferred the other. This one works best where the one quit working.

taped lamp
You probably cannot tell, but the lamp is in rough shape. I would be unhappy if I had to use it as-is. Steel wool was my choice. I should have used sandpaper on the rusted spot that will end up being toward the back of the table. I taped the top electric thingy. I liked the base push-switch as is, so taped it too.
no felt on the bottom
The picture above is after I painted the lamp. The part that will touch the table needed sanding. I know I should have sanded it first. I won't put it on a table without the bottom being closed. I sanded the rim it sits on and painted it. 

I chose Aged Copper to spray the lamp. Since the bottom was open and I did not want to buy felt, I chose a white piece of cardboard. I painted both sides.

The cardboard was a mistake. The glue can be painted, but it pulled the paint off the cardboard, making a mess. However, that mistake will be remedied when I buy felt. in the meantime, the lamp is outdoors waiting for glue to dry and paint on the cardboard to re-dry.

Done for now

I removed and repainted the rusty harp which now lies by the lamp in the picture. But, because it was too tall, I had to use the harp from the old lamp. I took it outside for the glue to dry faster. Later, I will bring it inside and put it in place but with waxed paper underneath. Then I can see how this will work. At least I will have light.

Like it?

This is the lamp it will replace for a while
 until I can rewire this beauty.

Your turn
Do you ever salvage a lamp to use and spray paint or otherwise improve it? Both are salvaged lamps.


  1. Looking good. Very good. And no, I have never rewired anything. About time I learnt.

    1. EC,
      When I find someone who will patiently me, I am going to learn. So far, everyone says:
      1) I will do it
      2) I don't know how
      3) I already have too much to do
      4) So-and-so does all my work
      5) just call an electrician

      And, I am just asking someone to show me.

    2. Ah, I betcha there are instructions for rewiring lamps on YouTube. Instructions for just about any and everything, I've found.

  2. It seems we have something kinda in common. I go off half-assed all the time.

    1. Coffeypot,
      I try to do better, but some days...


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