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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Allergies Can Cause Cancer?

a flock of hen cookie jars

Even though I said I did not see many hen items, less than a week later, I saw these in Walmart. They are soooo cute, sort of the color of my hen fabric. At $15 each, can I afford these? Do I really want one? No cookies would be stored in these because I don't need a stash of cookies, especially ones in sight. Aren't they cute?
Okay, on to allergies...

Yes, that is a provocative title that, in my experience, appears to be true.
When I had the endoscopy, I was told I had lesions in my esophagus that would become cancerous over time. So, pre-Barrett and pre-cancerous was the diagnosis. THEN, after the biopsy results, he said the lesions/diagnosis were eosinophilic esophagitis (EE). They were caused by allergies! Okay, I have had allergic reactions and symptoms since I was an infant. (My mother used to tell me stories about it, not knowing the ramifications of what she revealed to me about my infant self.) You can read about EE  HERE if you want to.
Maybe my statement that "allergies can cause cancer" is a little far-fetched to you. But, if the lesions are not cured, I am headed to a sure cancer of the esophagus. I have no strictures or stenosis, just impaction.  Somehow, the Protonix takes care of the impaction, not sure how.
I have said here and elsewhere in real life that I think I am allergic to beef. And, according to the allergy test, I am! My choice of chicken or turkey seemed to be fueled by my small economies, preference, and availability of free and reduced chicken and turkey. Now, I wonder if the discomfort beef caused me was why I chose chicken! Beef is not the only thing to which I am allergic.
So many times in my life I have indicated/said I did not like something--from infanthood to now. My baby body did not know the concept of "allergy" and could not know or explain. I obviously did know how to press my lips together, push food out with my tongue, spit, shake my head. Later, I could verbalize "I don't like it." Mama said I would not allow meat to pass through my lips until I was six-years-old. (I am not saying beef causes the lesions in my esophagus.)
When I was 23 and now, allergy tests showed me why I did not like certain things--allergic reactions!
I was diagnosed with strep throat on the 17th, bronchitis on the 19th, and the allergy problem in esophagus on the 27th. I have ten new prescriptions in ten days, including four (4) inhalers, and can barely keep up with taking medicine, new what I took pre-17th. It is sooo confusing. I cannot even figure out how to use one of the inhalers.
Do not put off having an endoscopy! Memories of having my stomach pumped out when I was three made me delay having an endoscopy. 

So far, I have had a nodule removed from behind my thyroid that is the kind that always becomes cancerous if left alone, polyps from colon that are the type that become cancerous, and now this....sigh.  Since cancer killed so many of my father's 11 siblings, I worry.

If you have medical expertise, and I explained this all wrong, you may set me straight. Just be nice.

Your turn
Have you ever had this diagnosis--eosinophilic esophagitis? Do you have pain when eating? Have you had your endoscopy?


  1. My first upper endoscopy was to find out how a small honey badger found its way into my belly and was trying to claw its way least that what a severe gall bladder attack feels like.

    A year after the surgery, my doctor thought I should have the other end checked, so I had a colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist, who is one of the best in my opinion, thought it was best to look at my upper end too, since the first test revealed esophageal erosion and a hiatal hernia.

    After the test, the doctor told me I needed to come back in about 7 years for another group of tests. That made me feel really, really good.

    1. Jess,
      Hmm, did you have your gall bladder out? Did he suggest how to get rid of esophageal erosion or that it might become cancerous? Really, really good? lol So, did what do you do for the lesions in the meantime?

      Are you like me, old enough to just go die and not be missed? Of course, my doctor was very concerned and does not act like I should just go die. I do believe I have an excellent gastroentologist.

    2. They removed the gall bladder. If I hadn't been yellow, I think they'd wanted to run a whole bunch of tests to run the bills up.

      My problems disappeared with generic Protonix, which stopped the GERD.

      My wife had Barret's Esophagus, but years of treating her GERD was successful. Her last endoscopy didn't reveal any signs of Barret's Esophagus.

      I like to hope I'd be missed, but I'm not counting on it.

    3. Jess,
      The doctors tell me it is the gall bladder, do all sorts of tests and say it is not gallbladder. But, no one volunteers what is wrong. Maybe I will turn yellow.

      Hmmm, I did not thing Barrett's esophagus could be cured.

      Yeah, at this point, I know my chickens would miss me. Oh, who am I kidding? They like food from anyone. But, from my hands they have never had a bit of abuse or neglect. Okay, that time I threw up and had diarrhea for 50 hours, they did not see me or food.

    4. I didn't think Barrett's esophagus could be cured either, but her doctor said there was no sign of the pre-cancerous tissue.

      I think your chickens would miss you. I know I would.

    5. Jess,
      Thanks for that information. Two hens and one guy will miss me and I feel better. No one has ever said that before.

  2. I do have pain when I swallow if I don't take Omeprazole. I have this condition from taking too many anti-acids over my life, so saith the Dr. They said it was from acid reflux. I took Rolaids (a pack or more a day) because I couldn't beat the shit out of my people. Upper management didn't look very highly on me doing that. But I swear that if they would let me, or anyone, productivity would increase with less errors. Since my retirement I have not had a full pack of anti-acids since 2001.

    1. Coffeypot,
      The stress sounds like a huge problem. Some of those people probably needed a beating. I never heard of a condition from taking too many antacids. Interesting. I am glad you escaped and have less problems. Stress made my acid reflux worse. I think your antacid use or lack thereof, indicates your job may have been toxic.

  3. Sadly, everything causes cancer. When I saw a study that linked toothpaste to cancer I pretty much threw my hands in the air and gave up.
    I am vegetarian because meat doesn't agree with me. Migraine after migraine after migraine. I suspect it is the things we do to meat rather than the meat itself but organic meat wasn't available when I gave up meat, and I am perfectly happy not eating it these days.

    1. EC,
      A doctor told me if we live long enough, we will all die of cancer. I read that about toothpaste, too. I gave a big sigh, looked at the label, and continue to use the same thing.

      You are probably allergic to meat. There was a list that were probable. Thankfully, beef was the only one I was allergic to.

  4. And there I was whinging about being cranky for no good reason. After hearing and reading about what others are going through I really do need to pull my head in...

    I do like those chook bickie jars though.


    1. Barb,
      This could make me cranky, for sure. I have felt too bad to be Your reason for being cranky is just as valid as mine, but you just don't have to take antibiotics for We aren't in a contest. I just thought people ought to know allergies are not just something annoying.

      Those are cute jars. I just cannot justify spending that much money that I don't have!

  5. it is true that allergic individuals often dont like the problematic foods, the body's way of making sure it isn't eaten, it is also true that some people actually crave and are addicted to their allergy causing foods. (i read the explanation and struggled to understand it but i believed in the source and anecdotal evidence backs the theory)
    unaddressed allergies would cause cancer because of the repeated and long term inflammation caused.
    it sounds like you have some auto immune issues and they tend to multiply with time. what a pain.

    1. kylie,
      It just makes me so angry that people have always said I was a picky eater as though I had some awful problem with being sociable or like I was avoiding foods they cooked. I went to a friend's house and she served about six things for lunch. I ate one and the bread and drink. She was too polite to say anything, but I could read her face.

      There are not many things "I don't like," but they are common enough that I always have to avoid something. Oh, I was allergic to milk long ago. I crave it, but this test showed I was not allergic to that or wheat. I told the doctor about my problem with wheat and white vinegar (distilled wheat), and he said the test is not always right.

      Multiply with time? It appears that common allergic reactions have lessened with time and I am allergic to less things. But, these reactions are more serious. Thanks for that really interesting comment about things I did not know. If you ever find the article about craving and addictions to allergy causing foods, let me know. Thanks again.


      i forget how to make links but if you cut & paste that you will get a page about the allergy/ addiction thing. it's not the one i remember but its more succinct

  6. It might be easy to assume that you have chronic GERD or acid reflux, but it might also be just a symptom of something else. That “something else” could be EoE – or eosinophilic esophagitis. Some of the symptoms (apart from GERD and acid reflux) include difficulty swallowing, chest pains, persistent heartburns, backflow of food that you weren’t able to digest. If these are all too familiar, check with your physician to see of you indeed have EoE! click here for more details

    1. Christian,
      I do have acid reflux and EoE. However, with a change in diet, the eosinophils are gone. Thanks. Thanks!


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