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Friday, March 14, 2014

"This Box Is Just Junk"

just junk?
The day of the procedure at 2 pm, I decided that would be a good morning to organize, throw away, and box up "keeper" things in the den. Exbf was a great help. I sat. He picked up boxes. I gave He followed them. Seriously, I did have to tell him into which box things went and what was trash.

It all worked out until I pointed to a box near him. Is that box gardening things?

He dug around in the box, stirring around the items there.  "This box is just junk."

What do you mean by 'junk'?

"Just a bunch of junk!" He is exasperated because he knows junk when he sees it!

Oh, I thought it was my gardening things. I just knew that was the box I kept putting things into as I unearthed them from last summer or bought them.

"No, nothing in here is for gardening." He keeps rummaging in the box.

I think it is.

"Since when do you use coffee filters for gardening? And, there is some sort of pellets! Nothing for gardening, just junk." There is that perturbed

I use coffee filters in the bottom of pots so the dirt won't go out. Remember? The pellets are for germinating seed. Remember?

Nope, he remembers nothing of the sort.

Plus, the long, lawn fasteners like bobbie pins are in there. We used those together.

gardening things?
gardening related at all?
These pictures from bulb packets were up against the side of the box, pictures facing out. The poor guy must have been exhausted. At this point, I told him we had done enough. He did not argue. I think that at this point, he wanted to hang out in the hospital!
As long as he does not make me really listen to his explanation of how internal combustion works, he can NOT listen to gardening information. I can feel my brain turn to jelly when a person  explains internal combustion to me. I just don't care. Maybe that is how he feels about all this.

He pulled up all his shrubs in front of his house because he hated pruning them. He thinks they should be square because all his neighbor's are square. He has no flowers at all and cut down two pine trees because he hates raking the needles. I don't rake mine because I like the look of the needles. Now that I have hens, they love scratching in pine needles. Plus, I use them in their pen and nest and sleeping boxes. He told me he was so happy I told him not to rake the pine needles in 2006 when he volunteered to rake my yard. One day, he told me his neighbors have flowers, so he looks at them.
Your turn
Do you have a "helper" of some sort that is not really into gardening? Someone who helps if you ask? But, this someone is just not feeling gardening? 


  1. My partner falls somewhere between the two. He loves looking at what the garden produces but thinks that all weeding can be/should be done with poisons. A never-ending argument. I don't like to use them. So I weed, and he plants.
    He likes things in rows - which I don't. So after he has planted his rows I come along and plant other things in front, between and behind. His rows are still there - but you can't tell.

    1. EC,
      I am with you on the poisons. I am going to use some poisons on the yard but not on what I plant. This will be my first time. But, I am spot-killing in the middle of the yard. I would rather live with weeds than use poison. He uses the weedeater and I usually mulch or pull them in the yard.

      This year, all food and flowers go into pots. So, no rows or sowing. I like your sabotage of his That way you are both happy.

      Thanks for that unique solution.

  2. Oh, let me tell you. My husband is a yard fanatic, but the perennials and annuals are up to me.

    One May several years ago, we were going to hire out someone to lay the mulch instead of doing it ourselves.

    The spent daffodils leaves were laying on their sides throughout the yard as they do as they are dying back. He wanted to cut them back and I was insisting they need to die naturally to feed next year's blooms. Finally I gave in and told him to just cut them back.

    A couple hours later I went outside and found that not only had he cut the dying daffodils, but he chopped all the green from my DAY LILIES! Wouldn't you think he could tell the difference between dying leaves and ones standing straight up with stalks that had unopened blooms?

    And to make matters worse a few weeks later I saw him circling a landscaping mound we have in back. By the time I got out there, he was coming around the back of it with a handful of red grass.

    I asked, "WHAT are you doing?" He said he was just weeding the mound.

    I pointed at his bounty and said, "THAT is blood grasses. I planted them. Didn't you wonder why weeds would look red?"

    I watch him like a hawk now.

    1. Rita,
      There is nothing like an overeager yet uninformed helper! I can see why you watch him like a hawk. I have paid guys who just destroyed all the dying daffodils. When they tell me the daffodils will come back next year, I really lay into them with a NO and why.

      I had a guy who could not tell a daffodil stem from the Japanese iris (a weed in my estimation). Both were green to him. So, I showed him the distinguishing characteristics. But, when the ugly dark purple Japanese iris bloomed, he loved them and would not mow them. I should have told him I would not pay him if any were left! He left them all out in the lawn and mowed the dying but not dead daffodils. So, before he came I would livehead all the purple flowers so he would mow down the foliage!

      I just don't blame you for watching him like a hawk. I am rather protective of my daffodils and daylilies.

      Funny story.

  3. Me, mom and youngest DD are the only ones who love to plant. DS will dig wholes for us but thats it. I can not wait for it to warm up so I can see what damage the snow caused and get new plants in. I think 2 of my mums didn't make it

    1. Judy,
      What I would not give to have someone to dig holes! Can you divide the other mums if two did not make it? Around my house, containers are the garden.

  4. Internal Combustion? Is that a PC way of saying FART?

    1. Coffeypot,
      You are I was horrified, thinking I got the thing wrong that made fire and made cars go. Frantically, I called Charlie and asked him. So, you are teasing...whew. If my car farts, I don't car as long as it rolls along. I have been having lots of internal combustion since I had the colonoscopy!

  5. I'm not much of a gardener. I get some yard help from Favorite Young Man, but he does the bare minimum.


    1. Janie,
      If you are not much of a gardener, then I suppose his bare minimum is Good for you for having a favorite young man who cooperates.

  6. John actually does the watering and usually twice a year I clean up the pots out on the deck. I usually plant a few impatiens and that is just about it. We "garden" in pots too and many of our plants have seen better days. We are trying to downsize the plants and reduce our water bill.

    One time I ordered a lot of expensive tuberous begonias. They came nicely packed in mulch and paper. I left the box in the garage until I could get to them ....I was still working back then. Anyway when I got ready to plant them they were not to be found. John had thrown them away!!!! He is like a crazy man on trash day! He said it looked like a box of nothing!

  7. Janet, of nothing = just junk.

    Can you reuse water from your house to water? I put a circle of black plastic in pot to reduce evaporation.

    I am glad he is not here on trash day. Exbf is bad enough getting the wrong things to throw out.

    Funny story. Thanks.


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