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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aldi Deals

March 18--Aldi carrots with price match at Walmart

This was the last night (Tuesday) for these prices. I had to go to Walmart for a prescription, so picked this up.

Carrots at Aldi--$0.49, at Walmart--$1.78
Cheese at somewhere--$1.99, at Walmart--$2.98
Carrots for $1.96 or for $7.12?
Cheese for $2 or for $2.98?
This is not a hard decision for me to make.

I saved 63%
Yay for me!
These buying decisions are not hard to make for me. How about for you?
Okay, I would go to Aldi's but walking that far is not going to leave me with energy or will to do much more considering the pain I would have to endure then and later. I cannot spend three days recovering to do the right thing.

Now, what shall I do with them or at least 3 packages?  I don't have the energy to cut further for dehydrating. I don't have the energy to can them. That only leaves freezing. Ugh! and blanching. I don't have time until Thursday. Maybe I will feel like dehydrating them by then.

Okay, cheese and Rye bread is my lunch right now.

Your turn
How do home frozen carrots turn out?
Are you getting your Aldi deals? I will probably turn orange between carrots and sweet potato consumption.


  1. I love Aldi's--I just wish they carried more organics. The prices are so cheap there-and the quality is outstanding.

    I always freeze carrots---wouldn't have them any other way.

    1. Sue,
      Thanks. Can I freeze baby carrots without further chopping?

    2. Oh yes. And my ex FIL NEVER blanched-and had no problems. I still blanch for 2 minutes because that's the way my mom had taught me. Good luck--you certainly scored some deals!

  2. My eyes glaze over when the weekly ads for groceries come in the mail. I know, because I live alone that any thing that is perishable that is on sale, will go bad way before I decide to use it. So , I make my list for every other week and go get the stuff on it. Then half of it goes bad because I don't want it the second or third time. I don't dislike leftovers, but I keep thinking all that fresh stuff I bought needs to be used RIGHT now. Can you tell I don't like to cook?

  3. Kristine,
    I had to learn to buy produce twice during the week, not getting all I wanted. If I buy broccoli one one day, I will wait three or four days to buy the cabbage on sale. That way, I have a fighting chance to start and finish consuming produce. I won't finish the broccoli before I buy the cabbage, but will have gotten a head start.

    I want some of all of it each However, there usually is a week when I can afford nothing, so I don't look at the ads at all. But, there is plenty here to eat.

    I can tell cooking is not your favorite thing. Cooking some days is just difficult for me. When I am ill like I am now, nothing gets cooked and some stuff spoils. I really hate that.

  4. boil them all, cook them mushy soft, blend them add some milk or cream and butter, seasoning and you have a killer carrot soup....which you can freeze.

    1. Boiling, mushing, and freezing sounds good to me. Soup does Maybe that is what I will do. Thanks. I never thought of that.

  5. I so wish we had Aldi close by... They always seem to have awesome prices! These are great deals!

    1. Lena,
      You know I did not go there. Maybe you can price-match if you have a Walmart.

  6. Aldi have some awesome deals don't they. My physiotherapist recommended a garden kneeler to me. At $75 it wasn't going to be a happening thing. And the next week my partner found it (same brand) at Aldi for $12.95. A win. A big win. And it makes me a bit cross at the profits the other stores think are reasonable.

    1. EC,
      That is quite a difference in price! I would wonder if the cheaper kneeler would have less dense foam or be inferior. But, I would still spend the lesser price. I see those deals that are not food and am in awe along with the food bargains.

  7. Aldi is my go-to store for most shopping these days!


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