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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prep Day Hell: Procedure Day

Warning, this could be gross to you and a little or lot TMI

I realized I could not find the instructions for prep day-- Monday. So, I called the gastro doctor. He is not in the office on Friday. But, the Birmingham office, his main office, had people present. They told me I could have Ensure or Boost. I bought two packs of chocolate Ensure.

I decided maybe prune juice would hurry the procedure along, making everything clear on Tuesday.

I did not poop but once. That is about five fewer times than I usually poop in one day. I usually poop every time or almost every time I pee. I was this way as a three-day-old infant my mother tells me. It is my normal...except for Sunday.

Clear liquid day, I had a chocolate Ensure. Chicken broth was good, but I became hypoglycemic within an hour of waking at 9 am. I had to wash my hair and get it cut at 11 am. I wish I had not made the hair appointment. I get grumpy, stumble about, cannot think of words, cannot see very well. So, I took a nap in self-defense after the haircut.

First, I went to the doctor's office and got a new copy of the orders for prep. THEN, I took a nap.

3 pm Monday
It was time to take Dulcolax. Thinking I made a mistake getting tablets, thinking I should have gotten chewable, I went to Walmart to get the correct item. I then found out I got the right thing. So, I took four Dulcolax with a Mountain Dew. Then, I remembered I was not supposed to have caffeine! Seriously, I need a keeper through this ordeal while I am robbed of my brain by hypoglycemia.

I talked to the doctor's office while I was at WM. NO WAY am I supposed to have Boost or Ensure. While I proclaimed my need for some protein to help with the hypoglycemia, the nurse tried to help me. She found I could have clear Ensure in a powder and add it to water. Well, there was no clear Ensure in a powder, just containers of liquid Clear Ensure. Yay! I drank one as I waited in line to pay for it.

6 pm Monday
I figured out I was only supposed to take two Dulcolax. This could be an interesting night. It was time to mix half of 238 mg of Miralax into 32 oz of Gatorade. I suppose I could convert mg to ounces and ounces to Tablespoons and then measure this Miralax by tablespoonsful. Or, maybe ounces would be good to measure.

However, I just took two half-pint jars and poured it into those, making sure I got an even amount in both jars. I wanted to scream because I did not know if the Miralax would fit in 32 ounces of Gatorade without overflowing the bottle. Grrrr Now, I had to wash a pitcher and use that. More dishes! If I had made it all at once, I still would have needed the pitcher. The directions indicated the whole container of Miralax should be emptied into 64 ounces of Gatorade.

7 pm Monday
I am supposed to drink that 8 ounces at a time, slowly and every 15 minutes. I got one down--no problem. Then, I started the next 8 oz. IT started and I went to bathroom 8 times in 12 minutes. I can no longer wear pants or panties tonight. This is violent. I feel like I will throw up, so it is going to be hard to finish this second glass.

8 pm Monday
The urge to throw this all up is so strong that I called the physician on-call. He said to slow down on the Gatorade-Miralax cocktail, that it makes some people very nauseous. Goody! I get to be that person.  He had other cheerful insights--This is not going to be a night to remember. Thanks doc. He assured me that taking four Dulcolax instead of the prescribed two Dulcolax was not going to be a problem. Then, he chuckled. As we ended the conversation with my thanking him, he had a very friendly thought as he once again chuckled just a bit. I could tell he was smiling. Have fun tonight!

8 pm
I am having another bottle of clear Ensure. Look at the color of Clear Ensure! Okay, I did not take picture and will not get that done to show you.

I bet this color ruins the whole thing! Can I die now? I will take this to the doctor's office in the morning or have exbf take it and show them the color. Just shoot me now. HOW is that clear????

9 pm Monday
And, now I am throwing up! That cannot be good for the procedure! I cannot drink the Miralax-Gatorade mixture.

10 pm Monday
Besides violent vomiting, the colon empties without warning. And, the cramps that are running under my ribs from mid-section to my side are cutting me in half, unrelenting. I think I am going to give this up this test and wait for a better solution. I was up until 4 am, pooping my brains out. Finally, I had four hours sleep. When I awoke, I called the doctor's office and told them I was throwing up the Gatorade/Miralax mixture and had not had any of the morning mixture. The receptionist talked to doctor and he said try to finish it. And, was everything running clear. Last  night it was clear.

Tuesday morning
This morning, it  was not exactly.

7 pm Tuedsay
So, I got it done, had four polyps removed and now am home.

I am going to bed. Sleep is fast upon me.

There I can dream about going without a car....grrr.

No proof reading because I can barely see.

Your turn
Have you ever thrown up the Gatorade/Miralax mixture before a colonoscopy or other things given to prep you? I saw a friend this morning who said she did too. Are polyps bad?


  1. Aaaah. Sounds like a day from hell.
    I hope you got some sleep.

    1. I slept until 12:30. Still groggy. I had Burger King small fries, and Coke. I took drinks and he drove through and we ate in car under a tree, My 4-cent Cokes were great compare to $1.79 ones inside. I am still groggy and cannot locate the tv remote.

  2. Polyps are not always bad. However, SOME polyps do turn into cancer. So that is why they remove all of them. If they are removed before turning into a cancer, no more problems. Sorry I didn't see your email till this am. I think you are a little confused re hypoglycemia. The word me ands too little sugar in your blood. You need sugar more than you need protein. However, you are right protein does help because it slows down digestion somewhat. Anyway, the reason I bring up all this is because of the polyps you will need another colonoscopy with in the next 5 years. Hopefully you will do better with the prep next time. The cramp were due to the 4 Dulcolax you took. 2 won't be so harsh on you. Be prepared with a clear liquid like apple juice next time. If you aren't hypoglycemic next time, you probably won't be nauseated. Also I always told my patients if you are passing dear water, you don't have to finish the drink. However, sometimes in the morning a little material comes out. Then take another glass or 2 to finish it off.

    1. I may be confused, but sugary stuff does not stop the hypoglycemia. I never eat anything that is sugary to recover or stop the hypoglycemia from getting worse. I eat a piece of chicken or drink milk. If I eat sugar to try to recover, I do for just a few minutes, then plunge even deeper into hypo symptoms.

      I passed clear slime at 4 am after less than 16 oz of the Miralax/Gatorade mixture. Then about 9 am after 4 oz, what I passed was colored liquid with some matter. He said I was nice and clean and he could see. Why are these kinds of doctors always smiling as we discuss my distress?

      I told him to take his time and get a good look because this was it, never again. Then I recanted.

      Why is my appointment with him set for 6 weeks? That seems like a long time to wait for test results.


    2. Kristine,
      I misspoke. I drink milk first, then go for a little sugar. If hypoglycemia as just started, I can eat a mint to stave it off for another five minutes. The sugar seems to send my spiraling off into worse hypo. The best thing for me seems to be protein/carbs mixture. I just cannot stand to be so hypoglycemic that I cannot see well, think, talk without stumbling, walk a straight line. I get clumsy, perturbed with everything.

  3. Ah auto correct me ands should be means Oh yea clear liquids are things you can see through-- apple juice clear grape juice, coke, No red liquids though --it looks like blood in there.

  4. Polyps have the potential to be bad. It's good to have them removed. I was surprised that you were drinking all that before a colonoscopy. When The Hurricane had a colonoscopy, she drank nothing except the prescribed liquid, the day before the procedure. She wasn't allowed to have anything else. She was very sick with vomiting and diarrhea. I have not had a colonoscopy yet, but now that I have insurance, I'm sure I will.


    1. Janie,
      The finding of polyps sort of shocked me, but I am assuming they are benign until I hear differently. Several friends said they had no throwing up. Maybe you will not be so ill. Even though I hated every minute of prep, I am glad I did it. Right now, there is a little symphony in my innards. You can start adjusting your diet 3-4 days ahead to make it all easier to clear all matter from your colon.

  5. Linda Did you have a Sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy ? I have had both and the prep is similar. Except for the colonoscopy you usually have to drink a GALLON of the solution. Well that is what I was required to do. I feel your pain! The sigmoidoscopy was done in the specialist's office under light sedation. The colonoscopy was in hospital fully knocked out. I had an endoscopy at the same time and they laughingly told me they were not going to use the same instrument.LOL

    I know these tests can be an ordeal but remember what a miracle they are. Just think they are actually able to use a camera to look INSIDE you without an incision. The prep is a pain but the procedure itself is a miracle! We live in a wonderful time!

    I hope you get some rest.

    1. Janet,
      I don't know which, but I think it was colonoscopy. I was supposed to drink a half gallon but never got past the quart because I kept throwing it up. He said the four Dulcolax was why I had such cramps and the cramps made me throw up.

      I am grateful. If I did not catch the cancer early, I would have a worse ordeal later. So, even though I bitterly complained to myself, mostly, I knew it was something I needed to do. I don't think the polyps are cancerous, but at least I have the chance to find out while something can be done to help me.

  6. Linda I hope you have already started feeling better! Hugs from across the ocean and then some.

    1. T'Pol,
      I felt better after the procedure, but feel even better now, still woozy 12 hours afterwards. I ate Now, there is a circus with and orchestra inside me. I have the weirdest rumblings. At least no expelling Thanks for the hugs. I need them.

  7. Erg.

    My family (Dad specifically) has them done yearly, I think? One of his relatives had colon cancer, again.. I think. Sooo... I suspect colonoscopies will be in my future. Hopefully not for a while (27 years old now). My Dad and a close friend have them done regularly, but don't have near as bad experiences.

    1. My daughter was having colonoscopies when she was not much older than you because she was bleeding from her rectum, like a faucet, she said. No cancer, something else, I forgot what.

  8. Had my first colonoscopy (at 67) at the end of Dec. I could only have clear liquids - apple juice, chicken broth, white grape juice, jello not red - the day before from the time I got up until midnight. I had to take 4 Dulcolax at 2pm then an 8 oz bottle of Clear Magnesium Citrate, sold at Walmart, at 4pm followed by another at 8pm if I still had solids. I opted to take the second bottle just to be sure. Luckily I had no cramping, no vomiting, and nothing explosive but I did stay close to the bathroom. I was advised of all the possible negative reactions such as you had. I'm diabetic and worried about my blood sugar levels but the apple juice did the trick by keeping it even as I had a couple of ounces every hour or so. I had no polyps so my follow-up appt 10 days later was cancelled. Seems to me 6 weeks is a very long time to wait for biopsy results. Hope all goes well.

    1. Bellen,
      I was told by the doctor that the four Dulcolax instead of the two ordered was the reason I had the cramps so badly and threw up. He smiled at me when he told me this. But, I like him. I would have to die before I drank apple juice for the sugar.

      I just now called to make the appointment for the followup. I can get the results next Monday. The doctor will get the results back today but won't be able to look at them until Thursday. He is off Thursday afternoon, is not in the office Friday, so Monday it is. I was thinking 6 weeks was too long to wait for the results, so I asked when I made the appt.

      I am 67, too.

    2. Bellen,
      No, Kristine, in these comments told me it was the four Dulcolax that did that number on me.

  9. Sounds terrible! I always think it sounds like you should enter you "polyps" in the county fair along with your roses.


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