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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Rest of My Half Done Day is Done

six bulbs
Last fall, I bought six bulbs, delayed planting them, and finally could long longer locate them. The bulbs had started to grow when I finally got them out about three weeks ago. The green tops were about two inches long. When I finally got them planted, the tops became purplish, the color the tulips (I think) will be. The one on the front left looks as though it is unfolding. Is that the foliage/leaves, or will the flower be right on the top of the soil? I am clueless.
Can you see how the right front is unfolding? Somehow, I got five pots of one size and the sixth is shorter. I will fix that since I have plenty of pots.

To the back of these daffodils, you can see more that have not bloomed. The daffodils in the first picture at the top are nearer the house and my rock pile/garden. The ones in the back ground of this picture are farther from the rocks and closer to the fence that shades them for much of the afternoon. So, the ones in the background bloom later than the others. It is just another micro climate I have found. A fence makes all the difference along with a greater distance from the rock basement wall and the rock pile/garden.

Oh, here was my half done day post. I had the bulbs, pots, dirt, and coffee filters from the Dollar Tree all set out to go. Plus, I use an old kitchen spoon, a cooking spoon, instead of a trowel. I got the spoon for a pittance, dime or quarter, and a trowel would cost more.

It did not take me this long to plant the bulbs. I just got around to taking pictures and posting.

Your turn
What is happening to the bulbs? Are they going to flower? Remember, these were supposed to have been planted in the fall. They did stay in freezing temps in my house, if that makes any difference.


  1. The fact that they are shooting is a good sign. And that is foliage, the bloom will appear in the middle of the foliage later.
    What makes you think they will be purple ones?

    1. EC,
      I think I bought bulbs for purple or pinkish-purple tulips. Thanks. I thought maybe that was the bloom, right down against the

  2. In Indiana, there were always bulbs blooming where (LONG AGO) someone had planted them along their front steps. Even though the houses were LONG GONE, the flowers still bloomed out of the long ago bulbs. It constantly amazes me that if left alone, to mother nature, these bulbs will continue blooming long after the owner is dead and the house is gone. And they sure weren't dug up and "over wintered" every year.

    1. lotta,
      These were store=bought. I love driving along and seeing blooms in a pattern, the only way a person could know there was ever a house in that location. Or, the chimneys and blooms, the only things left--stone and daffodils.

  3. All I know about bulbs is that they liven in the lamp and shine when you turn the turner-thingamagiggy.

    1. Coffeypot,
      LOL, Some days I think that is about all I know. LOL still chuckling here.


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