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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


funky chicken fabric for napkins
Since I always make my own napkins, when I saw this, I just knew this cute pattern would make great napkins for me. Of course, they are colorful and not like any chicken I have ever seen. The feature that sold me was the chicken wire in the pattern.

Four yards are waiting. All my other napkins are 20" x 20". Because of the cost of the fabric and the fact that I want napkins for my grandchildren, these will be 12"x 12" or the best small size to save maximize the number of napkins.

In yard sales or thrift stores I never see hen things, just rooster items. Since I don't have roosters, I prefer to keep chicken items to hens. I bought this about four-years ago, and so far this is my only chicken item, but it's new fabric from a fabric store.

Your turn
Do you have chicken items in your house? What animal do you collect or have in fabric or ceramic? Do you have hundreds, dozens, or just the token animal figurine around the house?


  1. Oh dear. My collection/hoarding on display.
    We have chicken tea towels. Rather a lot of cat items - fabric, ceramic, bronze, coal (a really beautiful sculpted black cat), metal... And birds (particularly penguins) also feature in the house. Including a LARGE blow-up King Penguin. I haven't counted - but there are a LOT.

    1. EC,
      Oh, that all sounds so interesting. I have several ceramic rabbit animal planters, on penguin made of plywood, more bunnies, and a huge fish. Thanks.

  2. That pattern is so cute....pray tell, where did you find it?

    1. slugmama,
      Thank you. Walmart, but I have never seen it since. They always seem to have some sort of chicken print.

  3. I do not have animal items but I am a big fan of sunflowers. Sunflowers are everywhere in my kitchen and living room.

  4. T'Pol,
    It is too bad you are not closer. I have a dozen sunflower items. I was finding them for a friend at yard sales. Unfortunately, that did not work out. I love sunflowers, too. But, I only have one bunch of sunflowers on my counter. Thanks for the comment.


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