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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mary Jane at the Yard Sale

The players in this incident:
Pam--sil of my friend who died several years ago. The women were good friends.
Court--Pam did rent from him but moved in with him--sweet setup for her. She was incredibly poor; he is incredibly wealthy. Court is uncle of my dead friend.
Chuck--son of Court
Me--you know me

The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Well, I am still me, and I was not guilty.

Saturday morning, I had to drive out in the country a bit. Of course, I stopped at a yard sale. As I sort of stumbled along the rough ground and pavement, looking at the tables, I glanced up and saw a friend--Pam. Then, Court spoke to me. I sat to talk with Pam, and Chuck joined us.

Everything I glanced at, Court tried to sell it to me. I looked at a very expensive coat lying near me and asked how much it was. So, Court went into his salesman mode. The coat was shabbier than I thought and very musty. So, I figured the coat was near disintegration. And, there were worn spots. I was not paying $10, even if I had that much on me. Exbf could use the coat to work in his or my yard.

Pam said, "There is a baggie in the pocket!" She had lowered her voice to the point the proclamation seemed more like a warning.

Of course, I reached for the coat, pulled out the baggie, and used my best Lucy voice and attitude. "There's nothing but stems and pieces in here. I wonder what this was."

Pam was shushing me and Court was aghast while Chuck was hissing for me to give it to him. I tried to look innocent or incredibly stupid as I held the baggie to my nose. "Hmm, what is that smell?"

Then, laughing, I turned it over to Chuck who was sitting right next to me and having a hissy fit. Pam was laughing at me, asking me if I knew what it was. I dropped my silly attitude and assured her I knew exactly what it was. That made her laugh more. She and I dissolved in laughter.

Hey, I found it at a yard sale, not mine.

Suddenly Chuck left because he was hungry. Does looking at the sticks and stems give a person the munchies?

Your turn
Have you ever found Mary Jane at a yard sale? Have you ever just found it anywhere other than in a friends possessions? Other than money, what is the most unusual thing you have found in a pocket or box at a yard sale? Okay, other than money, what have you found that is memorable/unusual?


  1. I don't think I have ever found anything unexpected at a sale. Though a librarian once told me that the things people used as book marks blew her away - and that the worst she found was a fried egg marking the place. Eeeeuw.

  2. EC,
    That is just gross. I wonder if it was fresh and still greasy or old, and stinky. Are you sure it was not a food hoarder's cache? Just kidding.

  3. I would have kept queit, paid the $10 and sold the bag for $50.

    1. Coffeypot,
      Pam had seen it and the two guys were very interested. So, I was not the one who discovered it, just the one who pulled it out. Good idea, though! Sticks and stems that are old are still smokable?

  4. Dammit. I've never seen it, held it, smelled it, or smoked it. I suddenly wonder if it's too late to head to his yardsale.

    1. lotta joy,
      Gee, I smelled it when I walked on campus at Memphis State University in 1966. Held it to pass on a joint without smoking it. Saw it when a guy showed me what he had to sell, about a gallon freezer bag stuffed full. But, I never tried it. I imagine that baggie is empty by now. I am quite sure you could search the rest of the coats and find more.

      When I turn 90, I want to smoke a joint, or take just one puff.

  5. We rented a car while ours was in the garage. It was a dodge dart and to let fresh air in, one opened these little doors at your feet. Inside the passenger side, there was a small metal box , which I removed and opened. You guessed it weed. I have never seen it before or since. All I could think of is the police must have seen me open it and what was I to do with it We put it back and discussed it for long time. Finally we started a huge fire in the fireplace and burned it up. Still wonder if the smoke smelled of it and what our neighbors thought.

  6. Kristine,
    Oh my gosh. That is scary. Even though you would probably never been jailed, the hassle, fright, and embarrassment would have been a problem. I am quite sure the smoke smelled like what you were burning. If you had the only fire going, they probably did wonder what was up. Pot smokers don't throw it in a

    Kristine, I am emailing you right now.

  7. I've never seen anything interesting at a yard sale. When I was in high school I went out with a handsome young fellow who drove off the road into some snow and couldn't get out. It was an isolated spot, so we were fortunate that some people came along and gave us a ride to town. My jacket had large front pockets with zippers. I hid the bag in one of the pockets and returned it at the end of the evening.


    1. Janie,
      And, just what were you doing with a handsome, young man in an isolated spot? "Returned it at the end of the evening" Returned the bag to where?

      I think you have never been to a really good yard sale. You should go with me. I know good yard sales. Estate sales and moving sales are usually excellent.

    2. You know what I was doing with that handsome fellow. Ah, he had the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I put the bag back in his hands when he took me home.

    3. LOL That laugh made me having coughing fits!


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