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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Poor Car

My car lives under oak trees. Oak trees, in case you don't know, drop limbs like crazy. I took a nap on Tuesday afternoon. I was in house or back yard if I went outside later in the afternoon. So, the huge limb was not apparent until I went out late and after dark.

About 10 pm, I decided to go to the store. As I got to the front of the car, I saw on the passenger side a huge mound of green leaves. This confused me since the air was still today. When I backed out, I saw the rest--a dead limb about 15 feet long and 10 inches in diameter right next to passenger door.

It was too dark to check the car, even in the parking lot with lights to see if there was damage done. Actually, since the car has had so many limbs fall on it, there are numerous dents, making it difficult to see a new dent in the dark.

The scary part is that the limb had so many little branches with leaves on it, but in the light of the headlights, even from inside the car, I could tell the limb was rotten. Thankfully, it did not hit me or someone mowing the yard. The limb was so rotten that it broke in three places. I did not notice that last detail until I came home this afternoon.

My car is white. Last fall, I paid a school car wash to wash it. In the latter part of winter and early spring people asked me if it was new or if I had just washed it. It stayed eerily clean for a car that had been sitting under a tree for six months or more. Until May, that is. Then, it looked like I drove through a mud puddle. Over and over! There was so much dirt and splashes on it. Now, it is disgracefully dirty with all the still-stuck oak pollen. When it is dirty, no one can see the dents from fallen limbs.

The rear tires feel low, so that has to be checked out soon. It feels mushy when I drive slowly, but the tires look properly inflated. No, I can no longer check the tires myself even though I have the tool.  One more thing that hurts to even try to do. Actually, it is excruciating to even try.


  1. Oh no! Another evil oak tree! Lucky it didn't smash the windshield! I hope it is just the branch that was wounded and not the entire tree.

    1. I just wait and wait for the person who is supposed to cut the dead branches out. The tree is over 100 years old, so I want to keep it. The tree was not damaged by a tornado or nature, just needs a few limbs trimmed. I suppose the evil oaks live here, too.

  2. Linda do you have a tire dealer in town? I have used the damsel in distress card and they have gladly checked my tires. And you don't want a flat late at night.

    1. carol,
      Yep, I have used that card, too. I am going to a tire dealer who has worked on my car, sold me tires, installed, etc.


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