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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Not Like Me at All & Eat the Weeds

Thursday night, I turned down a free dinner...not like me at all. I really did not care if I ever ate again or not.

There is something wrong with a rear tire or two, and I did not take it to garage...not like me at all. That was my first impulse, but was not acted upon.

And, I still don't feel like eating...not like me at all. I have lost six pounds that I had gained back lately. 

Lately, I have been looking at the weeds in my yard, thinking--eat the weeds. That is not original. It's the name of a book--Eat the Weeds. It's not that I want to eat weeds, but why not? Today, I visited and revisited what I thought was plantain. After numerous internet checks, I know it is plantain. However, it is along the front yard at the curb where dogs relieve themselves. I'll pass. There are more plantain plants further up in the yard.

The sweet potatoes in the window did set slips which I pulled off and put in water so they will grow roots. There are still slips to be put in water once removed from the sweet potatoes. As I was watering, arranging, puttering with them and thinking, I realized something. Sweet potato tops are edible.

I popped one of the leaves in my mouth and ate it. The leaf was unremarkable, neither sweet nor tangy. I chewed and swallowed and was pleased with myself.  Tomorrow, I will eat dandelions. Plus, I will identify one more weed and eat it Monday. If anything does not agree with me, I want to know which one, so only one new weed each day.

The back yard is off limits for eating weeds since I sprayed it a few weeks ago.

Your turn
Do you eat weeds? Which ones? Did you ever just feel off?


  1. I have eaten dandelion greens in a salad. I thought they were pretty bitter, but certainly edible.

    1. Anne,
      I have too, but not lately or consistently. The older and larger leaves are more bitter than the newer and smaller leaves. But, I like bitter greens. I even put a dandelion on exbf's salad. He ate it and thought it was okay. He will eat anything I hand him!

  2. I have never eaten weeds although i gave serious consideration to eating the leaves off a pumpkin vine we had growing last year and after reading how healthy purslane is I thought i would give it a try but i couldn't find any and be confident of the identification

    1. kylie,
      I have been watching what I thought was plantain for several years, on and off. Yesterday, I decided to settle it once and for all. So, I have to be really sure. I understand!

  3. I just had my lunch - a wrap with beans and chopped purslane. I started eating purslane when I found a great patch among my citrus trees. I harvested them and saved the seed pods to plant in an Earthbox. Now I have them every day.

    I also eat from landscape plants - katuk and moringa leaves, fruit from cocoplums and seagrapes, petals from citrus blossoms, marigold flowers, cranberry hibiscus leaves, leaves from those chartreuse & dark purple landscape sweet potatoes. All can be grown specifically to eat, but usually just grown for landscape.

    Like you, I'm careful to only eat what I know has not been sprayed with chemicals or other liquids.

    You can always check with your local Cooperative Extension Service, Master Gardener or even a really good Garden Center for 'weed' ID. Happy Eating!!

    1. Bellen,
      Wow, you do eat the and the landscaping. I will check around.

  4. 'Weeds' is just a name. I am pretty sure that many of the things we give that label to now have been eaten for thousands of years.

    1. EC,
      You are correct. Plus, a rose in a cornfield is a weed...just a name as you say.

  5. I also have a wheat allergy and a gluten sensitivity. I tolerate very few grains. I do occasionally feel "off". When I do, I turn to arugula, dandelion greens, and fresh basil for salads with a dressing of apple cider vinegar. I also make a chicken stir fry with spinach, zucchini, fresh garlic and ginger, onions, plus any other veggies I want plus chicken and gluten free soy sauce.
    The other thing I eat when I feel this way is really good canned fished with homemade mayo, fresh basil, tiny bits of onion and celery with the green salads mentioned earlier.
    Cucumbers, carrots, apples, berries, pecans, almonds or pine nuts for a snack.
    No soda, no grains, no dairy except eggs, drink water with lemon and tea and I start to feel better soon.

    1. Patti,
      A friend and I were talking about how after feeling "off" that eating lots of green stuff and fruits made us feel better. I cannot do soy and will not eat cucumbers or mayo, but the rest is sure to give me a boost.

      Hippocrates said it best--Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.


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