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Thursday, June 22, 2017

From a Rainy Day to Tornadoes

Thursday was annoying with continual rain. Finally, I decided to watch Dr. Oz. No, I am not because the weather stations all are looking for tornadoes. Yes, there were tornadoes around Birmingham. If you hear names like Fairfield on the news, that is one of the many cities that are butting Birmingham. This all happened 50 miles south of me.

This was just a tropical depression or something, never a hurricane, but it spawned tornadoes with 120 mph winds. I don't think Cindy came ashore that strong. Flooding happened in the same neighborhoods where it always floods. The annoying rain was not annoying anymore! Tomorrow, the weather will be the same but worse.

It was expected that Gulf Shores would get whipped around. Us, too. But, these tornadoes, while not unusual, were not what I expected here.

As soon as it quits raining, the yellow kitty will be trapped and turned in the be fixed at the animal shelter.

Update: Exbf said the tornadoes hit within three miles of him. He, also, is in metro Birmingham. He was only aware of sirens going off, but saw no bad weather.

It's time for The Gong Show. Remember that? This one cannot be as good as the one from the 1970s.

Has anyone gotten bad weather from Hurricane Cindy? Do you remember The Gong Show?


  1. Today was a general all around crappy day. I feel lucky though because the tornados missed us.
    I loved Gene Gene the Dancing Machine from the gong show. Occasionally I will play Jumpin at the Woodside (Count Basie's version) and dance in remembrance!

    1. Anne,
      "dance in remembrance' lol. There was nothing that good on this newer version.

  2. Glad to hear you and my other bloggie gals are safe in he southern storms.

    1. Sam,
      Thanks. We have today and tomorrow left.

  3. I have a morbid desire to experience a hurricane
    I can barely remember the gong show. Oh the pain.


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