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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Something I have never done before

Weeds are inevitable. So, I just go with it. However, there are two people who let their weeds go rampant, never cutting the grass until the grass/overgrowth is out of control.

Thorns started invading my yard about 30 years ago, all from one untended spot. I pulled them up rather than poison. Bad mistake. After years of going to school nonstop and working many days each week, the thorns were all the way to the front yard. Then, I eventually could not wrangle thorns. When I first starting pulling the thorns, the roots were about the size of a finger and six feet long, growing underground. I struggled and finally came to a surprise--a root about 3 inches in diameter and six inches long. It was horrifying!

Then, I purchased Roundup and used the foam setting to spray only the leaves, no other plants. I was so careful. I made the statement last fall that I had never used poison in my yard. Correction: just the foam setting on the leaves of thorn plants.

Then, my St. Augustine Grass was taken over by all sorts of things, all weeds. This last winter some sort of grass similar to St. Augustine Grass grew very green all winter. Now, it is dead and the St. Augustine grass is back. However, weeds that are too tall and invasive can come back in two days. I took action.

I used Image with Atrazine in one small spot of the backyard and ON the St. Augustine grass that had been cut last week. NOW, the tall weeds are back. I am not sure I did anything but put poison down! Image kills everything but St. Augustine grass.

The other thing I did was to buy brush killer, cut the wisteria as it comes from the wall where it grows and only spray the ends. Soon, I will be able to post pictures of the vines. J was shocked at how they grow and cause trip hazards that are the size of a finger, not just the little tendrils that tripped me.

When I went to the free lunch at the one church that has programs, the county agent was there just for a question and answer session. He suggested to me the treating of the cut end of the wisteria. So, I did. I was not willing to spray the yards and yards of fence it was enveloping. This way, less poison is sprayed. If done right, the spray foam only touches the plant cuts.

I am not looking for a picture perfect lawn, just a safe one! St. Augustine grass that is not cut often enough is just lush looking. I cut it at the highest setting on the lawn mower and it covers my ankles when I walk in it. Friends comment how deep it is. After all, the purpose of mowing is to make the grass even, not cut it so low the grass is shocked. However, when St. Augustine grass is full of onions and all sorts of weeds that grow a foot overnight, I am unhappy.

J's mission this summer is to eliminate wisteria tendrils growing across my lawn. Well, that is my mission for her. We will see. I found a hickory tree growing in the backyard, so I put the brushkiller on that after I cut it at the dirt line.

Oh, I am eating free corn today. I gave one ear to Dominique as I pulled off the husk and silk. She will peck in the silk as little insects land there.

Your turn
Have you ever used Image with Atrazine and meant to be used on St. Augustine and centipede grass on your lawn without killing the good grasses?  How do you handle thorns?


  1. Most folks (when it comes to weeds) admit "You know, we try to be green, but with the gd weeds it is just not humanely possible" :-)

    1. Urspo,
      I tolerated weeds, even wild onions a bit, until a monster weed appeared and something tried to destroy the St. Augustine grass. I let this one weed grow until it got to be 7' tall. I read about it and observed it in the country. It will totally dominate a pasture and choke out everything else. It had to go and so did the grass taking over. I even tolerate the dandelions. Well, I snatch the flower off before it goes to seed.

  2. I pull weeds but poison the crap out of poison ivy. I would like to feel shame about it but I just don't.

    1. Anne,
      It cannot be burned or you can get it in your lungs. If the dogs or cats brush against it, they will bring it in the house to you. I am not willing to dress to pull it. So, poison is the only remedy for me! No, I do not feel bad about the thorns either since they spread underground. I try to spray them when they are just three or four of the shiny, heart-shaped leaves. Otherwise, they climb the trees!

  3. I've got some of those thorns. I usually just use my clippers and cut them off at the root. My St Augustine grass is not lush- it used to be though! We have lots of pests in the grass so I have to have it sprayed every couple of months- darn those chinch bugs!

  4. NAN,
    The problem with just cutting off thorns is they continue to produce underground. Right? Well, anyway, I cannot get down that far. If you put sand on your St Augustine grass until it is almost covered, the grass will be more lush and survive. I have got to look up that bug.


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